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How to make the purchased apartment

Ownership of the purchased flat passes from the seller to the buyer based on the state registration of the sale (Federal Law №122-F3, Article №131 of the Civil Code). Before the registration process is necessary to prepare a package of documents on the basis of which will issue a certificate of ownership.

How to make the purchased apartment

You will need:

- statement; - contract of sale; - Identity documents; - certificate of ownership; - Notarial authorization; - Resolution of the guardianship; - A statement of account; - Certificate confirming the statement; - Cadastral extract; - The transfer act; - Receipt of payment for the provision of registration services.

Instruction how to issue an apartment bought

Step 1:

If you buy an apartment, you are required to have passport of all participants in the transaction, which will be formalized ownership funds to make full payment for buying properties. All other documents for the transaction shall prepare the seller of real estate.

Step 2:

Before signing a contract of sale, read the testimony of the property of the seller. Dispose of property, including the exercise of its alienation, is entitled only to the owner.

Step 3:

In addition, the seller is required to obtain the cadastral extract issued by the Technical Inventory Bureau on the basis of an update documents after inspection of the apartment technical engineer designated Office.

Step 4:

You will also need a certificate confirming that all registered citizens discharged from the apartment. Be sure to check with the extract from the personal account, which will be a guarantee that all utilities and other payments were made in a timely manner, and the rent is not payable on the specified service.

Step 5:

If there are multiple owners of the apartment all we have to give permission for the sale of the notary. If some of owners were incapacitated citizens, read the decree obtained in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship, without which the sales transaction can be regarded as invalid.

Step 6:

After reviewing all the documents, sign a contract of purchase and sale. Currently, it can be made out in writing, but it is necessary to know the set of laws that govern all conditions, so much safer to apply to a notary public and execute the contract in notarial form.

Step 7:

The act of reception and transmission make up in writing. Specify in it all that is in the apartment at the time of exclusion and make a brief technical inventory of the property transferred.

Step 8:

Submit documents to the state registration center. After 30 days you will receive a certificate of ownership.

Step 9:

Having bought an apartment until 31 January 1998, you only have a contract of sale, as the registration of transactions prior to that time have not been performed, respectively, ownership certificate has been issued. To get it, please contact BTI, call the technician who will inspect the apartment and update cadastral documents and then contact regtsentr an application, pay a fee for the provision of services, show the existing contract and cadastral extracts. After 1 month you will issue a certificate of ownership.