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How to make the real estate rental for a day

Real estate for rent for a day, despite the short period of mutual obligations of the tenant and the landlord may give rise to unpleasant situations are not less than the rent for a long term. Even if representatives of both sides fired at each other a good impression, it is possible that in the period of the lease or its termination may occur mutual claims. Simplify conflict resolution will help the official registration of the rental property.

How to make the real estate rental for a day

You will need:

- passport.

Instruction how to issue real estate rental for a day

Step 1:

Select the appropriate ad for the lease of premises. Do not skimp when choosing - the high cost of daily rent is associated with risks, which assumes the landlord. Phoned the contact number to the owner of the premises, arrange for a convenient time.

Step 2:

Entering the house, look for a sign indicating the street name, house number, note the number of the apartment. Before execution of documents, check the valves and drainage systems, gas stove, switches and other devices that you will use. Protect yourself from unpleasant surprises in advance, before the money will pass to the lessor. Ask the landlord to show the passport and title document to the apartment. If you submit original documents offer only after the conclusion of the transaction and the payment under any pretext, refuse the transaction immediately.

Step 3:

Carefully read the proposed lessor option contract. If the landlord does not have a finished form of the contract, make an agreement stipulating mutual rights and obligations. Be sure to fill in the contract the following data: - passport data tenant and landlord, documents of title to the premises by the landlord, the characteristics of the apartment and its address; - rights and obligations of the parties; - Payment terms and conditions of the contract (the time when you have to vacate the premises); - Whether the owner has a right to visit the apartment, and how he should warn about his visit; - If you make a pledge, and daily rental is often assumes enter the amount in words and version of his return.

Step 4:

Sign the contract and pay the agreed manner.