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How to move house

Technology transfer from one place to the whole building without demolition is known is not the first 100 years. If you want to move their structure, for example, in the country, you need to clearly follow the instructions drawn up by people who long before you engage in such movements.

How to move house

Instruction how to move house

Step 1:

First of all you need to solve a problem with the way without too much loss, very carefully "take down" house with a basement. If the building is not difficult, for instance, shield country house, move it under the ropes and start using a crane to lift. Bullies are not too high, could collapse.

Step 2:

Move house to a new place, where there has to be ready a new foundation. Fasten it to the new location.

Step 3:

If your goal is an ordinary building, it will be somewhat different technology. With the help of special equipment, cut the house foundation, and then pull it off the iron rails. Cut off the basement is possible using a special grinder for working with concrete. Be prepared for the fact that this process will take much of your time.

Step 4:

Do not forget to pre-prepare the way home to his place of displacement. Route path typically rails. By the steel ring which compresses the house, tied ropes, and then pull the house ready for the paths of movement. It just seems that this procedure takes too long. In fact, really move the house 13 meters in just 41 minutes. But to prepare such a move may take about 4 months.

Step 5:

Alternatively, it is possible to carry home by required. They need to lay the rails in place around the route of the building. Also, the house stretches on the ropes. Only the "ride" it will be a little faster than the rails.

Step 6:

Previously used to move homes horsepower, ie, the ropes, pulling the house to a new location, harnessed horses. Today, progress is not in place, and if you want to move house use dump trucks and other heavy machinery.

Step 7:

In some cases, use the following technique. The house is cut off from the foundation under it pulled the ropes, the more the better. With the help of a crane gently lift house on the height of the car and immersed for a tow truck. Then transported to another place.