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How to pass the cottage for the summer

If you have a house in the suburbs or rural areas, the desire to earn a lot of money on it is quite understandable in the summer. Such houses are very popular among the residents of megacities, tired of smog and traffic jams.

How to pass the cottage for the summer

Instruction how to rent the cottage for the summer

Step 1:

If you have a cottage full of expensive furniture or you have recently made high-quality repairs and fear for his safety, better to give it to relatives or friends. At least - a good friend. Outsiders can bring your house in absolute disrepair for normal living. Telephoned relatives and friends, let them know that rent out the cottage for the summer. Place the post with an appropriate proposal in the social networks. It is possible you will have to slightly reduce the amount of payment for rent. But the living will take care of the housing.

Step 2:

To rent the cottage for the summer can be and by publishing free classified ads in various newspapers and websites. Surely, in your region lacking such media to advertise that you can with the help of a phone call, SMS message or an e-mail. The text of the announcement include information on the location of your garden, its living space and amenities. Leave at least two contact telephone numbers for hedging. You will have to periodically visit the handed over habitation to check its normal state.

Step 3:

Reliability and integrity Tenants will be on the conscience of a realtor, if you refer to the services of the real estate agency. Having signed a written contract with them, you entrust to his duties under the insurance of property and selection of potential tenants. Of course, you will have to give part of the proceeds as agency fee, but it's worth it. When choosing a company for cooperation, be careful: the agency fraudsters can take the same villa a few times, concluding with you "fake" contract. Therefore, give preference to well-known companies in the real estate market.