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How to profitably sell the house

Sell ​​the house is beneficial - the dream of the owner who wants to get the maximum revenue for the property. Allowing to make the sale more profitable to become a reality, you must follow certain rules.

How to profitably sell the house

You will need:

- redecorating; - ads; - Evaluation of independent experts.

Instruction how to profitably sell the house

Step 1:

In order to profitably sell the house, do not hurry. Find out the real price of similar properties. Please contact the BTI, you will get a certificate of the cadastral value. To determine the market price, which is slightly different from the cadastral value, invite independent appraisers. Specialists from the independent valuation service, you must present a certificate obtained in the BTI, passport, documents of title to the house and land, which shows the main technical characteristics. You will evaluate, and you will know the real price of the purchased property. Although you can call the customers any price.

Step 2:

Give the house and adjoining land in a full order. Only a tidy house and a plot of land can be sold to the most profitable. If lying around the old stuff, everything is in full decline, it is unlikely you will find a buyer willing to pay the highest price.

Step 3:

Enough to make the inner and outer beauty repair, replace water and sewer pipes, if they occur. If you sell a house in the spring or summer, in front of him dig a small area and break up the flower beds. By the time you find buyers, the beds will be shoots.

Step 4:

Do not forget that a surge in buying activity house, located on the land begins closer to spring, so in March and April you can get a house for a higher price than in September and October.

Step 5:

An important condition for profitable sale of the house is to inform the maximum number of potential buyers. If you do not use the services of a real estate agency, let the ad to the media, print regional editions, decomposes on billboards. Include your phone number and the main characteristics of the house. The ads you can not only describe the house in detail, but also to place his picture in a favorable light. This will attract the maximum number of potential customers, and you will be able to call the real price, for which you are planning to sell the house.