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How to quickly get an apartment

Receive free apartments, the more accelerated, can expect only some categories of citizens. A full list is designated in the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

How to quickly get an apartment

You will need:

- identity document; - Documents confirming the right to obtain the living space; - A statement of registration, certified by all members of the family; - Evidence of the conclusion of a divorce; - Documents confirming the absence of the applicant and other members of his family property.

Instruction how to quickly get an apartment

Step 1:

If you fall under any of these categories, you can start gathering documents to queue for housing. Note: There are several conditions for registration. One of them - the lack of a sufficient number of square meters for each family member. However, after the amendment of the LCD there was one more condition - proof that the applicants are poor and do not have the necessary means for self-purchase housing.

Step 2:

Expect to receive accelerated apartments are only those tenants whose homes are already beyond repair, are in poor condition and are completely uninhabitable. In this case the applicant must have a low income and a not too expensive property. Otherwise, the statement on the queue may be denied.

Step 3:

The state also provides shelter to orphans and children left without parental care. They can apply for fast reception of the apartment. There is another category of citizens who have the right to stand in line to receive free housing: it includes people living in the same square of the persons who represent a danger to life and health of others (ie, chronically ill).