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How to re-register the apartment after death

Renew the apartment after the death of the testator are heirs at law, unless this right is not changed during the life of the will, in which the property is transferred to those specified therein. To obtain a certificate required to claim their rights and to accept the inheritance.

How to re-register the apartment after death

You will need:

- statement; - passport; - Proof of relationship; - death certificate; - Cadastral documents; - A certificate of inheritance.

Instruction how to renew the apartment after death

Step 1:

If in the succession mass includes flat left by the testator, to get the rights to it are all heirs at law, or a limited number of heirs specified in the will. The testator has the right to life under dispose of his property, and specify in the will of any person who will own his property, in this case an apartment.

Step 2:

For the acceptance of the inheritance, refer to the notary statement. Claim your rights you can contact the notary office at the last place of residence of the testator or the place of the apartment is located.

Step 3:

Apart from the application you will need a passport, a certificate of ownership of the apartment, which passes by inheritance, the testator's death certificate, proof of your relationship. If the apartment bequeathed to present documents on the relationship there is no need. A will can be executed with an indication of any name, is not related to the family. In this case, you will have enough to produce identity documents to confirm their right to inheritance.

Step 4:

To issue a certificate of inheritance, the notary will require cadastral statement, a copy of the cadastral plan. Give out these documents in the Bureau of Technical Inventory owner of the apartment, but on request, directed by a notary, you can get them, not being the owner of the property.

Step 5:

Legislative deadlines for acceptance of the inheritance is 6 months from the date of death of the testator. If by this time all heirs conceived during the testator's lifetime, have already appeared on the light, there is nothing to prevent registration of the certificate of inheritance.

Step 6:

Statutory deadlines for the inheritance to the apartment can be restored through the courts, if you missed them, and pass the reason was quite good, for example, you do not know about the death of the testator, are outside the country or seriously ill.

Step 7:

The apartment is left in the inheritance goes to all legal heirs in equal shares, or according to the specified shares in the will. If the heirs can not determine the proportion, disputes are resolved in court. The notary does not issue a certificate of inheritance as long as there will be a ruling of the court or all the heirs do not come to a voluntary agreement.

Step 8:

After obtaining a certificate of inheritance, refer to the State Registration Chamber with the application, submit your passport, inventory statement for an apartment, a certificate of inheritance. Your ownership rights register within 30 calendar days, and you will be able to dispose of inherited property in its sole discretion.