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How to register his wife to share

The proportion of the apartment can be on the basis of common shared property, not allocated in kind or as a percentage. Also, the proportion between the owners can be divided. Register wife depends on the grounds on which the share belongs to you in the apartment.

How to register his wife to share

You will need:

- documents for registration; - Application; - Permission from all owners.

Instruction how to register a wife to share

Step 1:

If you have a share in an apartment located in the common share ownership, regulated by article number 244 of the Civil Code, for the registration of a wife must obtain notarized permission of all owners, regardless of whether you are going to register his wife permanently or temporarily.

Step 2:

The apartment is divided by the co-ownership of the share in kind, when per share decorated separate ownership belongs to all the rights of co-ownership, which is governed by article number 250 of the Civil Code. In fact, your share - is a separate property and you have the right to dispose of it at its sole discretion, including to register it anyone, having given his written consent or notary.

Step 3:

The apartment is divided on the co-owners share in percentage can not be framed by each owner in private ownership, so the residence of his wife you have to obtain a written or notarized consent of all owners.

Step 4:

If you can not get permission from all the co-owners at the residence of your wife, the option to register only two. The first - to go to court on the basis of the decision to register. The second - to give part or all of the proportion of share of his wife and then she will be able to register in their own living space without the consent of all owners.

Step 5:

A second embodiment to implement in practice very difficult. When making a deal giving a total share ownership, you must obtain a notarized permission from all co-owners.

Step 6:

If the apartment is divided through the courts as a percentage, you have the right to make a gift without the permission of the other owners.

Step 7:

In all cases, registration wife you should contact the Federal Migration Service or the passport office housing department, to present legal documents on housing, an extract from the house and the personal account, the wife of a passport application, filled himself a wife in the presence of an employee of the FMS, targeted leaflet departure from the old place residence.