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How to register their ownership of the building

Registration of ownership rights to the building is carried out by the Federal Office of State Registration Centre in accordance with Article of the Federal Law № 122-F3 on the basis of the submitted documents. List of required documents depends on what grounds made registration of property rights.

How to register their ownership of the building

You will need:

- passport; - Cadastral extract; - contract of sale; - The act of reception and transmission; - A statement to the administration; - Receipt of payment for the building; - The decision; - A statement in FUGRTS; - Receipt of registration.

Instruction how to register their ownership of the building

Step 1:

If you buy the building from the owner, all the necessary documents to prepare dealer. He must have a certificate of ownership, notarial permission from all co-owners, and the other spouse if the building was acquired in wedlock (article number 244, number 256 of the Civil Code, article number 34 of the RF IC). Also, your seller must obtain the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. These documents give the BTI.

Step 2:

Check out the documents. If the whole package required for registration, in order, enclose a notarized or a written agreement of purchase and sale, acceptance report and appeal to the FUGRTS to register their property rights. After 30 days, your right to register a purchased building.

Step 3:

If you receive a building leased from the local municipality, you get an order to transfer it to the property may in the course of an auction, or you can use pre-emptive right and get the building to the property by buying it from the administration without auction.

Step 4:

The right of priority on the transfer of buildings to the property can take advantage of the tenants, who use municipal property for more than three years (article number 159 of the Federal Law "On municipal property").

Step 5:

For registration of rights of ownership, contact your local municipality, a statement in the form to get the cadastral documents and extracts from them. Your application will consider the commission for the transfer of municipal property. The answer you will be given in writing.

Step 6:

If you have received a positive response, it must pay the cost of the proposed or arrange installments for three years, which is provided in an advantageous manner to all who use the building for more than three years.

Step 7:

After presenting the receipt of payment and you will be given copies of the decision to transfer the ownership of the building.

Step 8:

Contact FUGRTS a statement, Resolution and cadastral extracts. After 30 days you will become the owner of the building.

Step 9:

If you have not rented a building from the municipality, then get ownership of the building will be able to in a general way, by participating in the auction. During the auction, you will be able to win a tender for the purchase of municipal property. Next, the registration procedure is carried out as well, but the difference lies in the fact that all the proposed value of the building you have to pay immediately.