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How to renew the privatized apartment

The legislation of the Russian Federation there are no clear regulations on the transfer of ownership of privatized apartment to another person. But there are other ways within the framework of the Civil Code, allowing for a re-registration of the property.

How to renew the privatized apartment

You will need:

- certificate of ownership of the property; - An agreement on privatization; - Technical passport BTI; - The information on the cost of the apartment of BTI; - Deed of gift or sale.

Instruction how to renew the privatized apartment

Step 1:

For the renewal of the privatized apartment sign a contract of sale or a deed of gift. The first option means that one side of the property passes to the new owner, which, in turn, is obliged to accept and pay the established price. In the case of giving the owner of the apartment free of charge transfers property to another party. This usually occurs between relatives or close friends.

Step 2:

Note that when you make a contract of sale the seller must pay tax on the amount of income referred to in the documents. In the Russian Federation it is 13 per cent of the value of the property. The amount of the transaction may not be lower than that in the said certificate of BTI as the residual value of the apartment.

Step 3:

In the case of renewal of the contract of donation apartments privatized from January 1, 2006 property tax abolished. But if this process takes place transfer of funds, in order to prove non-compliance with its obligations on the part of the purchaser of an apartment is better to enter into a contract of sale, which implies the existence of an act of reception and transmission.

Step 4:

To register the above contracts and make re-registration of the privatized apartments, post in the Registration service certificate of ownership of the property, the contract of privatization, which is the legal documents, technical passport BTI, a reference on the cost of the apartment of BTI, deed of gift or sale to three copies certified by a notary.

Step 5:

Registration of a contract from the date of submission of all take about one month documents. After that privatized the apartment will be re-arranged.