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How to rent a house without agency

Rent a house in Russia - an expensive pleasure. The most common apartment in the old five-storey building can be equal in value to the average wage in the city. Real estate agencies do not differ modesty, and for his services charge between 30 to 80 percent. But to bypass agents and rent a house without their help can be.

How to rent a house without agency

Instruction how to rent a house without agency

Step 1:

Go to the Forums or website and see ads for real estate. The vast majority of ads on Internet portals allow agents. But sometimes you can find a message from the landlord. Be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot of time on the computer, and the result can be negative.

Step 2:

Involve friends, family members and friends to solve your problem. Write about what you need accommodation in the status of the social networks and in the signature on all forums where appear. Call everyone you know who is in the phone book. Tell at work, in fitness clubs on a linguistic circle of renting apartments. The more people will know about the problem, the more chances to solve it.

Step 3:

LAYOUT ads on billboards, on the pillars and porches. apartments often rent older people. A few of them active users of the Internet. But the grandparents love to read the paper ads. Write text large and clear font. If you have a landline number, and specify it along with your mobile number.

Step 4:

Refer to the media. Advertise on renting housing in the newspapers and on television. This - is a paid service, but you it will cost is still cheaper than the services of a real estate agency.

Step 5:

Walk from house to house of the district where you need shelter, and find the chairmen of HOA. They are aware of everything that's going on in the house and know who is selling the apartment, who delivers and who is not against the pass. Just do not forget about the box of chocolates and a charming smile.

Step 6:

Organize a competition among friends. Promise that donate twenty bottle of whiskey (a vinyl record "Rolling Stones", a pack of Vietnamese coffee or a ball autographed by Arshavin) to someone who can help you find accommodation. You'd be surprised how important for human right motivation.