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How to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg - a city with a strong rental market. Both demand and supply in this segment is large enough. Also, many companies operating in the field of mediation. The easiest way to search for apartments for rent contact the real estate agency. Independent search for the appropriate option more difficult, but also nebezuspeshen.

How to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg

You will need:

- money at the rate of at least triple the size of the expected monthly rent: for the payment for the first month's rent, deposit and payment of intermediary commissions; - Date information about the market (ads on the Internet and print media, database of real estate agencies); - Passport data for the contract.

Instruction how to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

Define a set of mandatory requirements for housing, which want to get, how many rooms you need, what area is preferred, the importance of proximity to the metro, it required the presence of a minimum set of furniture and household appliances.

Step 2:

Study offers apartments offered for rent, and more to meet your requirements. When analyzing the ads, note that in some cases the cost of housing can be understated by fraudsters to attract unsuspecting victims, and in others - is overstated due to the exorbitant appetites of the owner. To obtain an objective picture called a few well-known St. Petersburg real estate agencies and elaborate on what the price should be calculated on the basis of your requirements to housing. And other possible option: ozvuchte limit monthly budget that you can afford to, and find out what to realistically expect for the money. Call and even visit your agency or another non-binding, and the necessary information you will. With self-searching will enable it to weed out obviously inappropriate proposals.

Step 3:

Refer to the selected real estate agency and ozvuchte their demands to the apartment. Tell the agent with information about yourself, which may be important for the owner: What have you whether you citizenship, registered in St. Petersburg or another city, who are working, if you have a family, children, animals, on loan for how long you are interested, you want to is the registration at the place of residence, etc. you can apply to multiple agencies:. a fee for their services major realtors take only after you moved to found with them flat, you, no one can forbid to tell the agent if necessary, they decided their problem without his participation.

Step 4:

Track own appropriate options on the Internet and print media, go to the link on the left in the ads interesting contacts. Note that more than 90 percent of the ads in these sources provide intermediaries. Therefore, pay attention to those, which clearly stated that the offer from the owner, and stipulated requested the mediators do not disturb.

Step 5:

To negotiate with the landlord or agent to view the options, take the exit to the appointed time of the meeting. Be prepared to make a decision on the spot: the demand for apartments in St. Petersburg is great, so are good options go quickly. At the same time, especially in self-searching before you pay, make sure that you are dealing with the owner of the property or his representative acting lawfully. Ideal - if you immediately give the keys to the apartment. But do not forget to check whether they are suitable to the castle.

Step 6:

Perform payment and only after signing the contract, and the owners ask for a receipt for the money. Make sure that the contract was written everything about the deposit and the conditions for its return. Carefully read the contract as part of your duties. If you have something does not suit, better give up the option, no matter how tempting it may be presented.

Step 7:

Negotiate with the owner of everything, as you moved into the apartment, and by mutual consent roll into it within a specified time.