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How to take a room without a mediator

The owner has the right to earn an income by renting out the extra living space. When using the services of intermediaries, all of the legal form of the transaction they undertake. In addition, look for a tenant, show potential lodgers living space. If you do not plan to use mediation, all the work will have to take over.

How to take a room without a mediator

You will need:

- passport; - The title documents for housing; - The contract; - Witnesses.

Instruction how to rent a room without a mediator

Step 1:

Make cosmetic repairs, renting the spare room. Provide housing in perfect order. Tenants are more willing to rent a room in which there is furniture, work all the sockets, switches, plumbing. If something is out of whack, you have to look for tenants for much longer.

Step 2:

Place advertisements in the mass media inform all the friends, relatives, co-workers that you rent the spare room. Often tenants are among friends. This greatly simplifies the search problem.

Step 3:

Rent rooms for any period during which you do not need free housing. All the terms of the lease, the terms of payment you are required to specify in the contract. Whether you rent out a room friends, their relatives or complete strangers, carefully read the documents certifying the identity of the tenants. Invite witnesses in whose presence you place the rental agreement and get money.

Step 4:

Make a rental agreement in two copies written by hand. Specify the full details of the landlord and the tenant, a detailed description of all the terms of the lease, the payment terms, in which the money should arrive in your account or sent by hand. If the room has furniture, appliances, make a detailed inventory with a brief indication of the technical condition in which all handed over to tenants. Do not forget to make the conditions of early termination of the lease. The document put the signature of the lessor, tenants and witnesses.