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How to take the land under the house

Land for the construction of the house are given to the local municipality. In accordance with the Land Code of the Russian Federation all the land for construction should be allocated in the course of an auction, which the local authorities are obliged to organize regularly. To participate in the auction, should apply.

How to take the land under the house

You will need:

- Application for participation in the auction; - Your passport.

Instruction how to take the area under the house

Step 1:

Contact your local municipality. Write a statement about the desire to obtain land for construction. Once the application is filed by more than two, the administration of the trading session, where you can buy the right to carry out construction in the area provided. If you live in the regions of the Russian Federation, then get this right simply. For residents of cities and suburbs is much more difficult. In the auction will have to engage more than one or two times, and to receive an invitation to participate in the auction, you have to stand in line, which may take several years.

Step 2:

If you have passed the stage of bidding and bought the right to build on the site provided, then the entire construction period you will be given land for rent. lease terms will be limited. If you did not manage to put the object into operation, the annual payment for the rent will increase significantly.

Step 3:

In the resulting plot you will not need to issue cadastral documents, as all sites submitted for auction, have cadastral number, passport, plan and put on the uniform land registration.

Step 4:

After the completion of the new building Arrange as required by law. The documents in the house and with the lease agreement to the site, contact the local administration. You will be given the decision to grant land ownership of 2.5% of the cadastral value. That is, the value of the land is purely symbolic, not counting the fact that you have already paid for the right to build on the site and regularly make annual rent.

Step 5:

With the decision of the local municipality, with an extract of the cadastral passport at the house and the area, with copies of the cadastral plan of the objects, with your passport, please contact FUGRTS fill in an application form, pay the fee for registration. After one month you will receive a certificate of ownership of the house was built, and the resulting plot.