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How to transfer land ownership

Registration of ownership rights to land made on the warping of the Federal Law №122-F3, which entered into force January 30, 1998. If the land was purchased, received or presented as a legacy to this time, and you do not have time to issue it in the property, you are entitled to correct this situation.

How to transfer land ownership

You will need:

- passport; - Legal documents; - Cadastral extract; - Application; - Receipt of payment of registration fee.

Instruction how to transfer land ownership

Step 1:

On the land are purchased, donated or received an inheritance before the entry into force of this law, there are only legal documents: a contract of sale, gift or certificate of inheritance. If you have received land in perpetual lease, you have a contract signed with the district administration.

Step 2:

For registration of ownership of land, you will need to issue cadastral documents. For their registration, contact the regional cadastral chamber (FUZKK), submit a written request to the engineer's call.

Step 3:

Get in the district administration copy of the plan of land settlements, it will require an engineer for surveying. Your plot of land will hold the list of technical papers, which you no need to delve into. The only thing you have to do - is to prepare a strong stakes or fence to set the boundary marks after marking territory.

Step 4:

On the basis of the work you will get technical documents. Make a written act of matching boundaries with neighbors adjoining land. If in the process of surveying revealed that your area of ​​land greater than specified in the title documents, you have to give a written explanation of the excess land of origin. For example, to write enough that one side of the site was a wasteland, you move the fence, cleared the area, hence there was an extra area.

Step 5:

All received and compiled documents to post inventory room. Put your site on a single cadastral registration, assign it a number, and will draw up a plan and cadastral passport. Extract from the passport and a copy of the plan you need for registration of property rights, so do not forget to immediately get these documents.

Step 6:

If the land is leased, for the registration of property rights you have to get the decision of the local municipality, refer to a statement, originals and photocopies of cadastral statements, passport and lease agreement. After receiving the decision, you will be able to register ownership.

Step 7:

To register the ownership of land, contact the State Registration Chamber, fill out an application, present all available documents and photocopies. After 1 month you will receive a certificate of ownership of the land.