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How to write a rejection of privatization

Rejection of privatization - a rejection of obtaining ownership of the premises in which the citizen is registered. This document shall be in writing and notarized.

How to write a rejection of privatization

You will need:

- personal presence; - passport; - Information about housing that is privatized (passport dwelling, social tenancy agreement, the exchange a warrant, an extract from the order, the order).

Instruction how to write rejection of privatization

Step 1:

Legislator gives the right to privatize once free living space. You are not required to privatize their housing, in this regard can give or withhold their consent to the procedure, even if all the family members, registered with you, want to get a house in the property.

Step 2:

If you refuse to take part in the privatization, ownership passes the rest of the family members who are registered in the privatized residential area. In this issue the refusal in favor of a family member can not. In this situation, your share will be evenly distributed among the other members of the family, or divided by agreement between them.

Step 3:

You can write the rejection of the privatization law, agreeing to carry it out. In this case, housing will be privatized, but the ownership you will not have. Those. you keep the right to perpetual use of the apartment and living in it.

Step 4:

If made out in an apartment registered minors citizens under the law, they must be included in the contract of transfer of apartment ownership. Abandon privatization minor may only with the formal consent of the guardianship authority.