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How to write out of the apartment, if involved in the privatization

By law, the owner of privatized apartments have the right to register and to other people, and write them out of it. There are two variants of the course of affairs, either issued by a tenant voluntarily agrees to carry out the procedure, or the case is referred to the court to solve the conflict.

How to write out of the apartment, if involved in the privatization

Instruction how to write from the apartment, if involved in the privatization

Step 1:

If for some reason an agreement with the other tenant does not work, there is only one solution - to filing a lawsuit. Already at the first stage you must decide whether you will hire a lawyer or to cope on their own. Win a case of this kind is not always possible without assistance, because in such situations there is a set of pitfalls.

Step 2:

To hire a lawyer, make up with it the claim, as well as thoughtful and prepare its position for the performances on the court. Try to predict what will be the version of the outcome of the case, what facts and documents to provide the defendant. Do not lose sight of your opponent existing ownership of the apartment (including hereditary), as well as his age. The last factor is not so little, how it may seem at first glance: it is much more difficult to evict a disabled person or a person living space of a minor.

Step 3:

Once the application attach the necessary documents. These include all the papers that prove your ownership of the property. In addition, and this may require the additional reference. Which will depend on the specific situation. Therefore, such a question is better to contact a lawyer. He will tell you that what you need to provide the court.

Step 4:

To submit an application for the eviction of all documents should be collected in the office of the district court. The lawsuit was filed in duplicate. Pre-pay the state fee and add the receipt to all the available securities. Without it, your application will not be accepted. The time and place of the meeting, you will be notified of the agenda.

Step 5:

If the court rules in your favor, you will get a notice that the other person was removed from the register in your apartment (ie, discharged from it).