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The Property
How To Buy A House In The Suburbs

How to buy a house in the suburbs

About buying a country house in the suburbs think many people in the capital. Spending a weekend in nature on their own plot, dreams almost every family. In addition, the cost of land is constantly growing in the country. And putting into it is now a certain amount, it can be doubled by…

The Property
How To Build A House Out Of Foam Blocks

How to build a house out of foam blocks

Nowadays, quite common to see houses made of foam blocks. This technology is very practical, buildings are obtained strong, light. The advantages of foam blocks include the ease and simplicity of processing the material. Used in the construction of gas-silicate and aerated concrete blocks combine the properties of brick and wood. Constructed…

The Property
How To Arrange A Person In A Nursing Home

How to arrange a person in a nursing home

Well, when older people to keep fit and healthy and can serve themselves. Unfortunately, often the opposite happens - age pensioners are becoming increasingly helpless. Perhaps the solution to the problem for them may be moving into a nursing home. How to arrange an elderly person in an institution?

Instruction how to…

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How To Build A Private House

How to build a private house

To a man took, as popular wisdom, he should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. If the last two items most people are able to cope, the construction of your home can be very difficult. Is it possible to build their own private house, and how to do it?

Instruction how…

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How To Allocate A Share In The House

How to allocate a share in the house

The need to partition the house to share occurs if the property is jointly owned by or granted to any one of the spouses in case of divorce. Produce section can be by agreement or compulsorily by order of a court.

You will need:

- Resolution of the department of architecture at the section;…

The Property
How To Legalize Unauthorized Construction

How to legalize unauthorized construction

In accordance with Article 222 of the Civil Code of unauthorized construction - this building, erected without permitting documents on his or unauthorized occupation site. To legitimize this building, should contact the Arbitration Court, but the pre-call fee from the local municipality for the preparation of the report on unauthorized building and collect the necessary documents.…

The Property
How To Advertise The Sale Of Real Estate

How to advertise the sale of real estate

The successful sale of a house or apartment is largely dependent on well-drawn ads. It must arouse the desire to explore the potential buyer put up for sale property.

Instruction how to advertise the sale of real estate

Step 1:

Advertisement start to indicate the type of property (house, apartment, room, etc.) floor, and…

The Property
How To Create A Network Of Agents

How to create a network of agents

One of the main challenges in establishing an effective marketing system is the organization of the agency network for sale of apartments, houses, land and other property, through which you can organize the rapid exchange of flats in different regions of the country and attract customers.

You will need:

- common base of data of…

The Property
How To Transfer The Apartment To Relatives

How to transfer the apartment to relatives

There are several ways to transfer the apartment in the property to close relatives. Each of these methods has its pluses and minuses. Which one is most suitable for you - it's up to you.

Instruction on how to pass an apartment to relatives

Step 1:

Enclose with his relative fictitious sales contract apartment. Assure…

The Property
How To Pass A Municipal Apartment

How to pass a municipal apartment

Municipal apartment is located in a district of the municipality and the property is transferred to the citizens on the social contract employment. According to article 67 of the Housing Code, the employer has the right to social housing to instill in him or other persons to take shelter in the sublease, but follow some…

The Property
Wooden House: How To Build It For The Family

Wooden house: how to build it for the family

Log houses in Russia built since time immemorial. Now, in the era of cutting-edge materials and technologies is still high interest in the wooden house building. Wooden house in harmony with nature, natural wood has a "warm" color and unique texture. The unique properties of wood make the house with wooden walls…

The Property
How To Make Agricultural Land

How to make agricultural land

As a result of agrarian reform in the 1992-1994 year, the agricultural land transferred to the employees of the agricultural organizations in fractional ownership. General share holdings can only be used for its intended purpose. According to Article 12 of the Federal Law issued by the owners of plots have the right to dispose of them…

The Property
How To Fill In The Declaration Of The Object Of Immovable Property

How to fill in the declaration of the object of immovable property

With the construction of a garage or other real estate (houses, cottages and so on. N.) To its owner need to fill in a declaration. It indicates information about the object of real estate.

You will need:

- the declaration of the object of immovable property; - Ballpoint or…

The Property
How To Privatize The Apartment

How to privatize the apartment

To privatize apartment, you need to do a great job. Prepare all the necessary documents, help collect, obtain the consent of all the people in the apartment. The privatization of the apartment will allow you to consolidate the ownership of its square footage of living space, which is very important.

Instruction how to privatize the apartment


The Property
How To Privatize Public Housing

How to privatize public housing

Despite the fact that the privatization of housing has been resolved many years ago, there are still people who, for whatever reason, have not secured a place to live in the property. Representatives of state authorities periodically change the end date of privatization, for example, in 2010, it was announced that the privatization will last until…

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How To Assess The Value Of Cottages

How to assess the value of cottages

There are many cases in life, which require to conduct market assessments of the cost of suburban area. The solution of this question is to invite an independent expert.

You will need:

- documents on a country site.

Instruction how to assess the value of cottages

Step 1:

Under the cottage now mean a country house…

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How To Write A Roommate

How to write a roommate

You are thinking that it is time to dismiss with his roommate, but peacefully leave your apartment, he does not want to? Do not worry, the law on your side. Any person can write from his apartment, even without his consent.

Instruction how to write roommate

Step 1:

In accordance with Rule registration and removal of citizens…

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How To Build A Russian House

How to build a Russian house

The house is in Russian style is a structure with three or hipped roof. The number of walls (four or five) and individual rooms depends on the construction project inside the house.

You will need:

- Construction Materials; - Project; - costings.

Instruction how to build a Russian house

Step 1:

First of all, with the help…

The Property
How To Get The Log Home

How to get the log home

In accordance with the Federal Law 221 dated March 1, 2008 to all transactions with real estate should have a cadastral passport. But cadastral passport does not reflect the value of the inventory required at registration of the inheritance, with the arrest of the property pledged to the bank, seizure by bailiffs, etc. Therefore, in…

The Property
How To Sell An Apartment With The Care

How to sell an apartment with the care

When the proportion of the apartment, or even the entire living space belongs to a minor, it will sell quite difficult. And all this is due to the fact that the mandatory need to obtain permission of the guardianship, who supervise this issue. This process is quite lengthy due to the amount necessary…

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