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The Property
How Profitable To Buy Land

How profitable to buy land

Purchase of land - a great investment. Sometimes more profitable to sell in a few years after the acquisition of put, a profit much greater than the contributions to the most well-known banks.

Instruction how profitable to buy land

Step 1:

To advantageous to buy land, looking distant sites on the most popular central part of the…

The Property
How To Make The Right To Land

How to make the right to land

The privatization of land - is, in fact, the registration of property rights to it. It represents the transition property (in this case - the ground) to private ownership.

Instruction how to make the right to land

Step 1:

Contents right to the ground in several ways, depending on whether this site on a house…

The Property
How To Advertise The Sale Of Land

How to advertise the sale of land

When it comes time to sell the land, there is a lot of questions - how to find a profitable buyer as quickly formalize a deal for buying and selling, it does not get to the scam. But you should start all the same with the correct filing of ads land.

Instruction how to…

The Property
As The Exchange Of Non-Privatized Apartment

As the exchange of non-privatized apartment

Privatized living space available to citizens on the social contract of employment. This means that in fact you are not its owner, and rent an apartment from the state. By law, you can not sell, donate or leave it as an inheritance. The only way to change their living conditions without privatization - it exchange…

The Property
How To Write Out Of Premises

How to write out of premises

In Russia, under the existing legislation, the registration person in the community plays an important role. And in some situations, for example, the sale of the apartment, the presence of people prescribed there can be a problem in the implementation of housing. In this case, people should be removed from the register.

Instruction how to…

The Property
How To Choose The House

How to choose the house

Several factors need to be considered when buying land for development. Basic - accessibility, the possibility of central communications, proximity to the city, the size of the allotment.

Instruction how to choose a location for the house

Step 1:

Choosing a place for the house you need, based on whether you want to use it as a…

The Property
How To Challenge The Deed To The Apartment

How to challenge the deed to the apartment

The apartment, located in the property, you can give as well as other property. However, in some cases, such a transaction may be challenged, such as relatives of the donor. But this requires a legitimate reason.

Instruction how to challenge the deed to the apartment

Step 1:

Decide on what basis you want to…

The Property
How To Improve The Living Conditions: The Necessary Documents

How to improve the living conditions: the necessary documents

Sociologists argue that two-thirds of Russians are in need of improvement of living conditions. At the same time, not all have the opportunity to buy an apartment or a house, to pay immediately the full cost. Therefore, the problem of the notorious housing problem for many people remains valid.

Instruction on how…

The Property
How To Create A Children'S Home

How to create a children's home

Children's home - an institution where the raise and educate children without parental care. The number of such children in our country is growing every year. But couples who would like to take care of such children, is also getting bigger. Agree that the family - this is the best that can be offered to…

The Property
How To Join The Right Of Inheritance Apartments

How to join the right of inheritance apartments

Article 1152 of the Civil Code states that for the acquisition of the inheritance the heir must accept it. According st.1152 and st.1153 Civil Code, the right of inheritance can start as a bequest, and in its absence.

Instruction how to join the right of inheritance apartments

Step 1:

Join apartments inheritance…

The Property
How To Draw Up The Documents For An Apartment

How to draw up the documents for an apartment

Many real estate transactions citizens trust a proven real estate company. First of all it concerns the purchase and sale of property. This is due primarily to the large number of documents that need to be properly arrange, and in these situations really better take the help of a reliable agent. However,…

The Property
How To Buy A Cheap House In The Suburbs

How to buy a cheap house in the suburbs

The house in the Moscow region has become a good alternative for those who want to move closer to the capital, and even those who are already living in it. The situation is that the place of work is located on the outskirts of Moscow, the faster you can get out of…

The Property
How To Profitably Sell The House

How to profitably sell the house

Sell ​​the house is beneficial - the dream of the owner who wants to get the maximum revenue for the property. Allowing to make the sale more profitable to become a reality, you must follow certain rules.

You will need:

- redecorating; - ads; - Evaluation of independent experts.

Instruction how to profitably sell the house


The Property
How To Build Your Own House

How to build your own house

The housing issue - the most burning for several generations, even centuries. The dream of every family - to live in his own, separate and cozy corner. There are people who do not have to think about housing, but they are a minority. In recent years, more and more people are trying to build your…

The Property
How To Make A Will In The House

How to make a will in the House

Making a will at home, you can for the benefit of any person. It can be related to you by ties of kinship, or maybe just an outsider. You can even bequeath his house conceived but unborn child. The only thing you should take care in this case - that this document has…

The Property
How To Write A Citizen Of The Apartment

How to write a citizen of the apartment

In accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, a citizen who has stopped the right to use residential area, shall within the period specified by the owner or the tenant of apartment voluntarily vacate the premises. But not always family members, acquiring the status of "former", check out in a hurry.…

The Property
How Do I Unsubscribe From The Apartment

How do I unsubscribe from the apartment

In a number of situations in a real or potential owner of the apartment may be necessary to abandon it, for example, in someone's favor. In this case, it is important to execute all documents in order to avoid disputes over tenure.

Instruction how to opt out of the apartment

Step 1:

Upon cancellation of…

The Property
How To Buy The Land Under The House

How to buy the land under the house

Earth is not issued in private property, can redeem anyone. If you do not want to face the unpleasant need to pay rent for the right of residence to those who will buy land under your house is to privatize the land itself.

You will need:

- documents confirming the right to use the…

The Property
How To Buy A Cheap Room In Moscow

How to buy a cheap room in Moscow

It does not always have the option to buy an apartment, even the slightest. Therefore, if there is free money, you can buy a room, and then, having saved up, to buy out the remainder of the housing.

Instruction how to buy a cheap room in Moscow

Step 1:

The cheapest rooms can be…

The Property
How To Take Land On Lease From The Administration

How to take the land leased from the administration

Any natural or legal person has the opportunity to take land on lease from the administration, and to build on its buildings and facilities, the purpose of which would not conflict with the intended use of the site, which is defined in the "Rules of land use and development." In each municipality,…

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