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The Property
How To Redeem A Room In A Communal

How to redeem a room in a communal

According to the Civil, Housing Code, by government decree, the sale of the room in a communal apartment, the owners or tenants of the other rooms have the opportunity to take advantage of pre-emption right.

You will need:

- notification; - The contract; - The transfer act; - An application to the Department.


The Property
How To Rent A Storage Room

How to rent a storage room

Rent commercial premises - one of the most developed sectors in the field of real estate transactions. The recruitment shall not only small pavilions and first floors of high-rise buildings, but also the huge factory and factory premises.

Instruction how to rent a storage room

Step 1:

Before you rent a storage room, determine for what…

The Property
How To Write From An Apartment Daughter-

How to write from an apartment daughter-

It is not always a young family has the opportunity to live in their own separate apartment. In this case, parents can log in and register at the position your space a new family member, for example, the wife of his son. But the situation may change, and if there is a need to…

The Property
How To Make The Deed To Her Husband

How to make the deed to her husband

If you want to make a gift to the husband in the form of real estate, property or car, you will need to design a dedication. This is a special type of transaction, which is not disputed, as opposed to the purchase agreement or a will. As a result, the property will be…

The Property
How You Can Take A Room In A Communal Apartment

How you can take a room in a communal apartment

Those who have an additional living area, which at the moment no one is home, you can lease it. The easiest way to pass a separate apartment where the accommodation of tenants do not have to negotiate with anyone. But also you can take a room in a communal apartment, but…

The Property
How To Register Temporarily In An Apartment

How to register temporarily in an apartment

Besides the permanent registration there is also temporary. It is necessary in the event that obtaining permanent residence for any reason not possible or if a person takes shelter temporarily naprmer, rent it. But for the design of such registration is necessary to know how to do it.

Instruction how to register temporarily in…

The Property
How To Determine The Fire Resistance Limit

How to determine the fire resistance limit

Building Fire resistance is usually determined by fire tests. If you decide to calculate the design resistance to fire on their own time, get the Architectural project and follow the recommendations.

You will need:

- Architectural design of the building; - "Rules to ensure that the fire resistance of reinforced concrete structures and ognesohrannosti"; -…

The Property
How To Make A Declaration Of Property

How to make a declaration of property

The common form of filling a tax return on the property of Russian companies is strictly obligatory for all taxpayers. In the case of ignoring the requirements of the declaration it will not be recognized correctly represented.

Instruction how to fill out a declaration of property

Step 1:

Timely copy from the official website of…

The Property
How To Transfer The Ownership Of An Apartment

How to transfer the ownership of an apartment

In accordance with the Federal Law on privatization of article No. 1, public housing, obtained by the social contract of employment can be transferred to the ownership. Free it can be done once in a lifetime in the regulations of the law on the privatization of housing for the article number number 11.…

The Property
How To Save The Earth

How to save the earth

How to save the Earth? This question is raised by both international non-governmental organizations and ordinary people, the inhabitants of our planet. If you are also interested in how you can save the Earth, then this article is written for you.

Instruction how to save the earth

Step 1:

Save energy. electricity saving reduces consumption of natural…

The Property
How To Pay For Services Agent

How to pay for services agent

If you are buying or selling real estate, it is very useful to you may be services provided by real estate agents. These professionals provide a wide spectrum of services: assistance in real estate valuation, conducting all sorts of negotiations, to consider possible proposals submitted. How to pay for the services of an estate agent?…

The Property
How Not To Lose The Plot

How not to lose the plot

Until the 90s the concept of ownership of land in the territory of the former Soviet Union did not exist. The situation changed when the selected site which you cultivated, ennobled and settled in any one year, may well be a stranger, if not promptly to legitimize their right to it.

You will need:

- legal…

The Property
How To Write The Former Spouse

How to write the former spouse

Families are created and decay. Housing problem remains and becomes as sharp as ever. And if you can not live with her ex-husband (wife) in one housing, or he (she) have not lived with you, and registered (a) in your apartment, it's time to do it (her) the eviction!

Instruction how to write the former…

The Property
How To Buy Back Part Of The House

How to buy back part of the house

Purchase of the house has a number of features that should be taken not to disturb the article №250 of the Civil Code, which states that the co-owners have a preemptive right of purchase on terms determined by the seller.

You will need:

- notification; - preliminary agreement; - main contract; - The act…

The Property
How To Get On The Waiting List For Housing A Large Family

How to get on the waiting list for housing a large family

In connection with the demographic crisis in Russia, lasting from the beginning of the nineties, the government is developing a new program to help families with children. For example, many families with children are legally entitled to receive housing.

Instruction how to get on the waiting list for housing…

The Property
How To Build A House Quickly And Cheaply

How to build a house quickly and cheaply

Many people are thinking about building your own home, at the same time they have a quite understandable desire to build it quickly and inexpensively. There are many technologies to quickly build high-quality and fairly inexpensive home.

Instruction how to quickly and inexpensively build a house

Step 1:

The cost and time of construction…

The Property
How To Write From An Apartment For Nonpayment

How to write from an apartment for nonpayment

Part of the utility bills, for example, for the use of hot and cold water is paid based on the people living in the apartment, officially registered in it. When one of them refuses to pay his part of the amount, is not willing to invest in housing maintenance, the question may arise…

The Property
How To Write The Former Wife Of A Municipal Apartment

How to write the former wife of a municipal apartment

Divorce ends more than half of marriages, and it becomes the cause of many residential property and disputes. The challenge will be to write even a former spouse of one apartment, which was acquired by you in the property before the wedding. In this case, the absence of ex-wife a chance…

The Property
How To Rent An Apartment Without Cheating

How to rent an apartment without cheating

The real estate market is a huge competition. And periodically appear in major cities of fraudsters who do not have adequate services to tenants, and just deceive them, depriving the cash.

Instruction how to rent an apartment without cheating

Step 1:

The surest way to rent an apartment without deception - to find housing through…

The Property
How To Write Out A Private Apartment

How to write out a private apartment

Housing Problem - one of the most urgent. Per square meter unfold, sometimes, entire war. Therefore, sometimes it is so difficult to write from the apartment of the man with whom one does not want to live together.

You will need:

- The statement of claim and a copy thereof on the number of respondents…

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