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The Property
How To Make The Share Of Privatized Apartment

How to make the share of privatized apartment

Privatization - is the transfer of state or municipal property in the ownership of citizens, who received it on the social contract employment. The privatization is open to all persons registered in the apartment. The certificate of title issued as a result of the state registration of the transaction in FUGRTS. It is…

The Property
How To Write Out Of The Privatized Housing

How to write out of the privatized housing

It would seem, as a property owner, you decide who can and who can not live in your living space. At the same time, it is often faced with a situation where the former spouses and their relatives or, for example, relatives of former owners of apartments registered in the apartment privatized against…

The Property
How To Renew The Private House

How to renew the private house

If the private house was acquired by the sales obtained by inheritance or presented until January 30, 1998, to renew it and obtain a certificate of ownership may be, to prepare the necessary documents and passed the state registration.

You will need:

- passport; - Legal documents; - Cadastral documents; - Application; - Receipt of payment…

The Property
How To Raise The Rent

How to raise the rent

When hiring any real estate is a contract in which you can specify any terms of the lease, including the frequency of rent increases. If the item is not in conditions, then you can raise the rent in accordance with Article 614 of the Civil Code.

You will need:

- notification; - supplementary agreement; - Application to…

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