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The Property
How To Redeem A Room In A Communal Apartment

How to redeem a room in a communal apartment

Communal apartments still have the right to exist, and the purchase of a room in the apartment becomes an outlet for many young families. When buying a room it does not matter whether the privatized the whole apartment, enough to offer rooms was owned by its owner. Become full owner and redeem…

The Property
How To Allocate Land At The Expense Of The Land Share

How to allocate land at the expense of the land share

Section general put on the land shares on the basis of Article №252 of the Civil Code, where it is necessary to share common ownership or to allocate a share of the common property. The order of allotment regulated article №13 of the Federal Law "On the Turnover of Agricultural…

The Property
How To Change The Type Of Permitted Use

How to change the type of permitted use

Each plot has its own type of permitted use. This means that it can be used only for specific purposes - within a given species. The process of changing the permitted use of the land plot is rather complicated, as it involves informing local residents about changing the permitted use of the site,…

The Property
How To Make Non-Residential Premises

How to make non-residential premises

Non-residential premises can be issued in the lease or ownership under the Federal Law №159, №217 and 178. Depending on the type of processing required to perform a number of actions and to prepare the necessary documents.

You will need:

- statement; - lease contract; - The decision; - Cadastral extract; - passport; - Receipt of payment…

The Property
How To Put On Record Building

How to put on record building

Cadastral registration of buildings in accordance with the Federal Law "On State Real Estate Cadastre". This treatment is carried out by a specially authorized federal executive body - Rosreestra.

You will need:

To put the building on the cadastral registration will need the following documents: 1. an application; 2. The technical plan of the building; 3.…

The Property
How To Find A Cheap Apartment

How to find a cheap apartment

While buying your own apartment is only in dreams, most newlyweds and students are forced to live in rented accommodation. To pay the rent was minimal, it is necessary to look for suitable options first-hand, without intermediaries services.

You will need:

- advertisements.

Instruction how to find a cheap apartment

Step 1:

If you are planning to…

The Property
How To Buy A Dacha In The Suburbs

How to buy a dacha in the suburbs

Most Muscovites wants to buy a cottage in the suburbs and leave the bustling metropolis on vacation. After all, the country vacation - is the key to the health of inhabitants of Moscow. Currently, you can buy a cottage in the near or distant suburbs, as well as in environmentally friendly areas.


The Property
How To Renew The Lease Of Land In The Ownership Of

How to renew the lease of land in the ownership of

With recent changes in the law, individuals have the right to renew the lease of land in the property before July 1, 2012. This is especially true for those whose private property has buildings erected on municipal land, which they are on loan.

Instruction how to renew the lease of…

The Property
How Do I Get Technical Passport To The Apartment

How do I get technical passport to the apartment

The new federal law under the number 221-F3, which entered into force on 01/03/08, regulates to perform all real estate transactions instead of the technical document have cadastral passport, based on which all transactions are registered in the Federal Registration Centre. But in the cadastral document does not specify the parameters of…

The Property
How To Put Into Operation The Object Of Construction

How to put into operation the object of construction

The object of the completed building is put into operation in accordance with the rules established by a number of articles of the Civil Code, federal and regional laws. Before registering property rights necessary to execute all documents and agree on them in accordance with established procedures.

You will need:

- a package…

The Property
How To Make A Lease Of Non-Residential Premises

How to make a lease of non-residential premises

To open his own business, not necessarily to buy a room for her. It is much easier and cheaper to rent it, making it easier to move if necessary. But it is necessary to know the features of registration of such premises for rent.

Instruction how to issue a lease of non-residential premises


The Property
How To Install The Stove In The House

How to install the stove in the house

The heat of live fire will not replace any electric heater, even the strongest. Bake in a country house - is convenience and comfort, come to us from ancient times. Set the oven at home can anyone who has a minimal construction skills.

You will need:

Kiln brick, fireclay brick, clay mortar, ash-pit door,…

The Property
How To Make The Ground Beneath The Pavilion

How to make the ground beneath the pavilion

Construction of the pavilion or the installation can be carried out on the land, which is decorated in the lease or ownership. To gain ground, you must contact your local municipality, and get on the waiting list or to take part in the auctions conducted in all regional centers in accordance with the…

The Property
How To Recover Documents In Section

How to recover documents in section

Lost documents on land can be restored and to receive duplicates of the organizations in which they were issued. This will require the application of the owner or tenant and identity documents. Any organization is currently working on a self-supporting, so the payment of state fees for services - a mandatory item of expenditure in…

The Property
How To Make The Ownership Of The Building On The Land

How to make the ownership of the building on the land

The structure and the land on which it is built, may have a different status. Building Design in the property depends on the species and type of building land.

You will need:

- cadastral passport to the site; - A document confirming the ownership of the land; - Declaration of the…

The Property
How To Connect A Non-Residential Premises

How to connect a non-residential premises

Connect the non-residential premises to the central power grids is possible only after obtaining permission and technical specifications that are issued based on the submitted documents. If the building is new, pre-project should be issued summarizing the engineering communications and coordinate it with the territorial department of architecture and urban planning.

You will need:

- Architectural…

The Property
Country Estate: How To Buy And Not Have Compassion

Country estate: how to buy and not have compassion

Country estate - a great opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle. It is possible to grow organic food, or just gather with friends, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Instruction country site: how to buy and not have compassion

Step 1:

If you decide to buy a suburban area, you…

The Property
How To Wear A Building

How to wear a building

Determination of deterioration of the building is an integral part of the building assessment, which should be put up for sale. At the same time it is one of the most difficult variables, which is considered by a lot of different aspects.

Instruction how to determine the wear of the building

Step 1:

Determination of wear is…

The Property
How To Determine The Value Of The Building

How to determine the value of the building

In preparation for the sale or lease of the property the most important issue for the owner is the actual value. It is necessary to examine the many parameters of the building, to assign an adequate price.

Instruction how to determine the value of the building

Step 1:

To carry out any successful sale…

The Property
How To Lease Municipal Land

How to lease municipal land

The Land Code allows you to rent municipal land to citizens and legal entities. Such land can be rented for construction, and for use for another purpose.

You will need:

- statement on the selection of land; - The Land Code of the Russian Federation.

Instruction how to lease municipal land

Step 1:

Keep in mind that rent…

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