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The Property
How To Buy An Apartment In A Civil Marriage

How to buy an apartment in a civil marriage

Family relationships are not registered in the registry office, called civil marriage. The norms of the Family Code of the Russian Federation on such relationships do not apply, however, buying an apartment, civilian spouses should think in advance about what the rights to it they would have under the Civil Code of…

The Property
How To Delimit The Land

How to delimit the land

Surveying the land - this is a list of the technical work on the basis of which land can be put to a single topographic surveys, cadastral passport issue and the plan, as well as to receive statements for the registration of property rights in FUGRTS.

You will need:

- statement in FUZKK; - passport; - Documents…

The Property
How To Make Land And Real Estate

How to make land and real estate

Plot of land and house located on it belong to the real estate objects, registration of property rights made by the Federal Office for the unified state register of real estate transactions (Federal Law № 122-F3). To obtain a certificate of ownership, you need to collect the necessary documents and apply to the FUGRTS.…

The Property
How To Change The Assignment Of Premises

How to change the assignment of premises

The certificate of state registration of property rights is a complete description of the premises and the type of its intended use. If necessary, you can change the assignment of any room, this should collect the documents, to obtain all approvals and renew the technical and cadastral documents.

You will need:

- documents; - Resolution…

The Property
How To Buy A House In The Crimea

How to buy a house in the Crimea

Real estate on the coast - is not only an excellent investment, but also a great place for secluded relaxation. Today, the Russians are still in demand at home in the Black Sea, and therefore their purchase always involves some risk.

Instruction how to buy a house in the Crimea

Step 1:

To begin,…

The Property
How To Buy Real Estate In Montenegro

How to buy real estate in Montenegro

Those who have ever been in Montenegro, for sure thought about getting back to this country. The sea, mountains, nature, unspoilt, picturesque towns and friendly people make Montenegro a great place to relax and purchase of real estate. After all, the purchased home can not only rest with the family, but rent it out.…

The Property
How To Maintain Housing

How to maintain housing

Secure your own life is a priority for everyone, but today should think about the safety of their homes. Thefts occur constantly, so you need to be able to defend their homes against the attacks of thieves.

Instruction how to keep a house

Step 1:

Use basic protection. Set the iron door - it harder to dislodge, and…

The Property
How To Donate Part Of The Apartment

How to donate part of the apartment

Often there are times when the apartment owner wants to give part of it to another person - a relative or loved one. In contrast, giving the apartment, giving her part it is especially caused by the fact that the apartment is often indivisible object property.

You will need:

- proof of ownership; - Technical…

The Property
How To Make Public Lands

How to make public lands

Registration of public land situated in the precincts and buildings related to the rights of citizens of the property can be registered in rent restriction public easement that is done more often. In exceptional cases, the transfer of title documents designated public land to the joint property of the citizens, or in perpetual lease.

You will…

The Property
How To Register A Garden Plot

How to register a garden plot

In recent years, increased demand for land acquisition. The land, which is in the horticultural associations are often much cheaper areas that are set aside for individual housing construction. Therefore, these areas are of interest from potential buyers, who want to save. should perform the standard procedure for the registration of a garden site.


The Property
How To Determine The Average Annual Value Of The Property

How to determine the average annual value of the property

Calculation of the average annual value is required to determine the property tax. Organizations and private entrepreneurs at the end of the calendar year must submit to the supervisory authority tax returns. According to Art. 375 of the Tax Code (Tax Code), the average or the average cost of real estate…

The Property
How To Use Non-Residential Premises

How to use non-residential premises

For non-residential premises are building, structure or part thereof which are leased under a contract of employment, or are part of the leased property. Also, non-residential premises may be transferred to the ownership of citizens or be a part of their property. The use depends on the type of legal identity.

You will need:

- lease contract;…

The Property
How To Get On The Waiting List For Site

How to get on the waiting list for site

According to the Land Code of the Russian Federation, which entered into legal force on 30 October 2001, the land should be made available to citizens in a queue or in the course of an auction for a fee. To obtain land, it is necessary to apply to local governments.

You will…

The Property
How To Buy Good Housing In Russia

How to buy good housing in Russia

Purchase their own homes - this is a very important step on the path to independence and organization of personal life. It is important to know what you need to pay attention to you bought a house or apartment does not disappoint you.

Instruction how to buy good housing in Russia

Step 1:

Decide at…

The Property
How To Buy A Frame House

How to buy a frame house

Construction of houses on frame technology is becoming increasingly popular phenomenon. After all, these buildings have a lot of advantages. Prefabricated, durable, reliable and economical, they are an excellent option for permanent and temporary residence. Yes, and buy the frame house is now easier than ever.

Instruction how to buy a frame house

Step 1:


The Property
How To Buy An Apartment In The Joint Construction

How to buy an apartment in the joint construction

Buying an apartment in the joint construction is clearly regulated by law. Investing in the construction of high-rise buildings the future owners of housing reduces the cost per square meter. This is due to the fact that ordinary developers take bank loans with often exaggerated interest rates on which the payments are…

The Property
How To Decipher The Cadastral Number

How to decipher the cadastral number

Each plot of land in the Russian Federation, which is any economic activity, must be entered in the inventory and get a certain number. This is necessary for the registration of land plots and buildings located on them. Cadastral number is composed of several numbers separated by semicolons. It is a code that allows you…

The Property
How To Build A House Of Sandwich Panels

How to build a house of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels - a three-layer construction boards, consisting of: OSB (oriented strand board) - vsepenennogo polystyrene (foam). This matter is in this case the heater. Standard panel 125h250 cm withstand a vertical load of up to 8 tons, and has a weight of 40 kg. This determines the popularity of sandwich panels in…

The Property
How To Buy An Unfinished House

How to buy an unfinished house

Buy unfinished house in two ways. In the first case the sale is necessary to make a deal on common rules when the seller has registered ownership of the unfinished construction. In the second case - the contractual concession rights contract, when ownership was registered only on the land or lease it obtained in the…

The Property
How To Participate In The Land Auction

How to participate in the land auction

In accordance with the instructions of the Land Code, all areas must be provided to citizens on a paid basis in the course of an auction or in order of priority. Auction bids are carried out in areas where there are a large number of people willing to get land and all stretched for…

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