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The Property
How To Register Their Ownership Of The Building

How to register their ownership of the building

Registration of ownership rights to the building is carried out by the Federal Office of State Registration Centre in accordance with Article of the Federal Law № 122-F3 on the basis of the submitted documents. List of required documents depends on what grounds made registration of property rights.

You will need:

- passport; -…

The Property
How To Sell Land

How to sell land

To perform legally significant transactions with the land to which the sale and purchase shall be entitled only to the owner. The site should be delimited, put on a uniform and topographic surveys. For sale need to collect the necessary documents and apply to the FUGRTS for registration of the transaction.

You will need:

- documents on the…

The Property
The Main Features Of The Sale Of Property Under The Contract Rent To The State

The main features of the sale of property under the contract rent to the state

Sale of residential real estate for rental contract is carried out is rarely enough, since such a contract - a risky event for both sides. But the seller may slightly reduce their risks if it decides to sell their homes to the state. What features have…

The Property
How To Choose The Type Of Foundation For A Private House

How to choose the type of foundation for a private house

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a foundation, not naekonomit harm and not overpay too much?

You will need:

Geological data site construction project at home.

Instruction how to choose the type of foundation for a private house

Step 1:

So, we have a lot, there is a project. What type of…

The Property
Apartment For Rent Or A Hotel Room?

Apartment for rent or a hotel room?

If you have to travel to another city for a few days, it is the issue of temporary accommodation before you. Where better to stay: in a hotel or rent an apartment?

Rent price. Even a simple hotel room of average comfort more expensive than an apartment for rent.

Free schedule. Renting an…

The Property
How Expensive To Sell Property

How expensive to sell property

The real estate market value of the apartment or house will depend primarily on the location. But the cost of secondary housing in addition to the location can affect the age of the house, the state of communications parameters apartment. So how do you sell the property the most profitable?

In addition to the location on…

The Property
How To Calculate The Cost Of An Apartment

How to calculate the cost of an apartment

Evaluation of an apartment depends on many factors. They influence the extent to which more or less you will be able to sell an apartment, buy or exchange. Before you decide to try real estate at least roughly imagine how much can cost your apartment.

Instruction how to calculate the cost of apartments


The Property
How To Issue A Certificate To The Ground

How to issue a certificate to the ground

Registration of ownership rights to the land plot is carried out in the territorial department of the Federal Registration Service. After registration documents issued certificate of ownership. To get it, you need to collect a number of documents, the list of which depends on what grounds you purchased or obtained land.

You will…

The Property
How To Buy An Apartment On The Assignment Agreement

How to buy an apartment on the assignment agreement

In the market of real estate part of the bargain purchase of housing under construction on assignment. How does this happen? Let's list the main actions of the buyer.

Housing in the new building clearly cheaper than ready-made flat or even a room in the secondary market. It is also important that…

The Property
How To Make The Ownership Of Land, Furnished For Rent

How to make the ownership of land, furnished for rent

On the site, which is decorated in the rent, can not take any legal actions. For example, it can not sell, exchange, give, bequeath, because the owner is a district municipality, and legal actions with real estate can only make the owner. For registration of land, issued in rent, you need…

The Property
How To Buy An Apartment In Hurghada

How to buy an apartment in Hurghada

I will share with you information on how to simply buy an apartment in Hurghada at the sea in a few steps.

You will need:

- the Internet; - Valid passport; - $ 1,000 to reserve payment for an apartment.

Instruction how to buy an apartment in Hurghada

Step 1:

Choose a real estate agency in…

The Property
Country Site Selection Strategy

country site selection strategy

Purchase of land for construction of the cottages can be a profitable venture. However, if it is chosen meticulously.

Spring activated sales of country houses and sites. Those who dream of own country house or dacha, often seeking a suitable site and build what I dreamed.

Today it is often the possibility of year-round cottage in the…

The Property
How To Place The Property In The Sale

How to place the property in the sale

Properties can sell only its owner. Buyers, especially, should check the certificate of ownership and ensure that they face is the owner of real estate. Legal rights to the property transferred to the Purchaser after the registration of the sale in the public registration center and unified real estate registration. On the preparation…

The Property
Should You Buy Real Estate In Crisis

Should you buy real estate in crisis

The word crisis in our country has long been no stranger. In terms of the situation of the national currency instability, the question arises whether or not to invest in the property market and what to expect in the near future.

Instruction whether to buy real estate in crisis

Step 1:

In the segment of…

The Property
How To Build A House On His Land Plot

How to build a house on his land plot

To build a house on his plot of land, you need to collect a number of documents and obtain a building permit and building passport. Illegal building is not always possible to arrange, even through the courts, and if the house will be in any kind of underground communications, it can get…

The Property
Real Estate Prices In 2015

Real estate prices in 2015

If we take into account the overall situation of the whole country, experts argue that real estate prices will go down. But when it happens? In general, the fall will touch the secondary housing market. Those who are going to buy a new building, do not expect substantial discounts.

Instruction property prices in 2015

Step 1:


The Property
How To Determine The Degree Of Wear At Home Alone

How to determine the degree of wear at home alone

Many buyers believe the percentage of residential buildings wear a matter of minor and insignificant. The main options when choosing a house or apartment, in most cases, are the appearance and finish, which subsequently leads to unwanted and unplanned costs and problems. Determine the percentage of homes can wear alone.


The Property
How To Insure A House

How to insure a house

Lose the property - it is unpleasant, but to fence their homes from all adversity virtually impossible. Already for a long time practiced by property insurance, and paid the insurance list gives some peace of mind. Insurance companies at the moment have a very extensive range of insurance programs for virtually all types of property, and…

The Property
What You Need To Privatize Housing

What you need to privatize housing

Privatization of housing - is the official, legal registration of its ownership. If you live in privatized housing, then you get a chance to rightfully dispose of it in terms of donations, wills, sale. If the housing is not privatized and is municipal, the utilities are quite low, but to dispose of housing data on…

The Property
How To Arrange The Purchase Of Real Estate

How to arrange the purchase of real estate

Under Russian law, the majority of real estate transactions are subject to state registration (Article 551 of the Civil Code). Deny her officials do not have rights, but if a document is something wrong Serious problems might occur until the termination of the transaction. Since such an outcome may result in the parties…

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