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The Property
How To Get On The Waiting List To Get Land

How to get on the waiting list to get land

Plots are in high demand, to receive them all stretched over several years. To get land for the construction or maintenance of private farming, must apply to the local administration with the application.

You will need:

- statement; - passport; - Certificate from the administration.

Instruction how to get on the waiting…

The Property
How To Register The Right To Ownership Of Property

How to register the right to ownership of property

Any procedures relating to the owner of the property changes are required to terminate the registration of the rights to it. The state registration - this is the only proof of the existence of the registered right to challenge that can only be in court. The owner of the property the person…

The Property
How To Buy Property In Thailand

How to buy property in Thailand

You adore Thailand, its smiling people, incredible cuisine, the warm sea and gladly go there again and again. That's just to settle each time in different hotels and endure noisy neighbors and the staff-track already rather tired. Buy their homes. In Thailand, a huge selection of apartments and houses for all tastes, and the procedure…

The Property
How To Buy A House In France

How to buy a house in France

Increasingly wealthy Russians buy real estate abroad. And many of them choose France. This is not surprising, because the country is known for its architectural beauty and nature. But before you buy a property, you need to figure out how to do it correctly.

You will need:

- money for the payment of the purchase;…

The Property
How To Exchange An Apartment In Moscow

How to exchange an apartment in Moscow

Sharing an apartment can be caused by various factors - an increase in the number of families, divorce and division of property, as well as a desire to change their place of residence and live, for example, closer to work. But before the real estate transaction, especially where it is very expensive - in…

The Property
How To Buy A Property In France

How to buy a property in France

Acquisition of real estate abroad - the dream of many Russians. Preferences are the country with a good climate, economic development and security for living. One of the leaders of the list - France. Buy an apartment or a house in this country is quite possible. However, that transaction has been successful, even before…

The Property
How To Privatize The Apartment Without The Consent Of Everyone Who Is Registered

How to privatize the apartment without the consent of everyone who is registered

It is well known that the privatization of the apartment, the consent of all the tenants, registered in it. What if you want to privatize the living space and the other residents strongly opposed? Check their right to privatization and consider how you can influence the decision variables…

The Property
How To Rent An Apartment Is Safe

How to rent an apartment is safe

Sooner or later, almost everyone is faced with the need to rent an apartment, the reasons for this is enough - the desire to live separately from their parents, moving to another city, etc. In the field of residential real estate rental, you can find a lot of scams, so it is important to…

The Property
How To Find A Good Realtor

How to find a good realtor

Profession realtor in great demand today. Real Estate Specialists help to sell or buy a property, execute the necessary documents. For their services they charge a flat fee or a percentage of the transaction. As anyone who is faced with the problems of the sale or purchase of property, seeks to obtain high-quality services, in…

The Property
How To Buy An Apartment In Egypt

How to buy an apartment in Egypt

The procedure for registration of the contract of sale of real estate in Egypt for foreigners is very simple: it is only necessary to select the object you are interested in, photo identification and pay the cost of the apartment.

Instruction how to buy an apartment in Egypt

Step 1:

Contact the consultancy specializing in…

The Property
How To Register Her Husband To His Share In The Apartment

How to register her husband to his share in the apartment

To register her husband in the apartment, you must obtain the written consent of all the people living there officially Register "the share" impossible, it is carried out only at the apartment.

You will need:

- written consent of the owners of the apartment; - Application for registration; - Certificate of…

The Property
How To Exchange An Apartment, If The Father Against

How to exchange an apartment, if the father against

The exchange of apartments can be made in several ways. The most simple - this is when all the owners agree to exchange and held by mutual request. If someone is against the exchange, the procedure is carried out compulsorily through the courts.

You will need:

- application to the court; - Documents…

The Property
How To Get A Logging Site

How to get a logging site

Plots for logging isolated for many purposes. It can be own firewood to heat homes; Commercial timber harvesting for the purpose of its implementation; deforestation for the construction of roads, laying of power lines and pipelines. No matter for what purpose will plot, it is important to get it legally in use.

Instruction how to…

The Property
How To Privatize The Municipal Apartment

How to privatize the municipal apartment

Municipal apartment, issued to citizens on the social contract of employment can and should be privatized. After all, many people still deluded, believing such an apartment and so "their". In fact, it is a house owned by the state and only after privatization, it becomes the property of living of its citizens, with all the…

The Property
How To Register Ownership Of The Land

How to register ownership of the land

In order to land could perform legally significant transactions, it is necessary to arrange the property. For registration of ownership must collect a number of documents, and to apply to the state registration center for single sign-on properties.

You will need:

--pravoustanavlivayuschy passport document or a lease -kadastrovy passport and an extract from -postanovlenie administration…

The Property
How To Get The Land To Build A House

How to get the land to build a house

At present, Russian legislation provides for the transfer of land for rent to individuals for construction of houses on them. Such sites after the state registration of premises become the property of a person engaged in the construction.

Instruction how to get a plot of land for building a house

Step 1:


The Property
How To Inspect The Apartment

How to inspect the apartment

Before you choose and buy an apartment, buyers have to consider many different options. Before purchase should carefully inspect the apartment, so no further problems with the purchased housing.

Instruction how to inspect the apartment

Step 1:

Make sure that you are satisfied and the area in which the apartment is located, and the location of parking,…

The Property
How To Get The Land In Russia

How to get the land in Russia

The land passed into private ownership in accordance with articles of the Civil and Land Codes. To become the master site, use one of the methods available to citizens.

Instruction how to get the land in Russia

Step 1:

In Russia, to become a landowner in several ways. First, by entering into a commercial transaction,…

The Property
How To Build An Ecological House

How to build an ecological house

The house, built from environmentally friendly materials - the dream of a tired city dweller. Sometimes I want to go out of town and find themselves not in the "concrete box", similar to urban buildings, and in his environmentally friendly house.

Instruction how to build an ecological house

Step 1:

Choose a material suitable for the…

The Property
How To Sell An Apartment With Redevelopment

How to sell an apartment with redevelopment

In accordance with Article 19, 2300-1 "Law on the Protection of Consumers' Rights and article 477 of the Civil Code of illegal apartment with redevelopment can be considered poor quality goods, for which the seller is obliged to pay all the cost and the buyer pay the additional costs associated with the move as…

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