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Wooden house: how to build it for the family

Log houses in Russia built since time immemorial. Now, in the era of cutting-edge materials and technologies is still high interest in the wooden house building. Wooden house in harmony with nature, natural wood has a "warm" color and unique texture. The unique properties of wood make the house with wooden walls optimal in terms of gas and moisture exchange regime.

Wooden house: how to build it for the family

You will need:

1. Concrete 2. roofing material, 3. level 4. Roulette, 5. hammer 6. ties.

Instruction wooden house How to build it for the family

Step 1:

Make the foundation for a wooden house. The most common reason for a wooden cottage is a columnar-rostverkovy foundation or monolithic reinforced concrete slab, resting ribs on a sandy base. Suitable strip foundation or a foundation on pillars - the choice depends on the local conditions. Depending on the height of the walls of the house and its size is selected depth of the foundation - for one-, two-storey house suitable foundation depth of about 1 - 1.5 meters.

Step 2:

Select the material from which you will build a wall of the house: it can be either a timber or logs. Home from a bar you will be able to build on their own, but the frame would have to be ordered from the experts. When buying material, give careful consideration to the conditions in which it took place and whether the drying was sufficiently dried before use. When dry wood cracking, your home can not only lose an attractive appearance, but also to get the distortions. That is why it is important to buy the correct dried material.

Step 3:

Proceed to assemble the house. House of timber and logs from going in one sequence - povenechno. Crown - the first row of logs. It is possible to strengthen the structure around the perimeter and corners of the house to install metal ties that are strung logs or boards. Ties allow force to seat the tree during construction and to make the structure stronger: the edges are tie screws when tightening crowns denser adjacent to each other.

Step 4:

It is not always necessary in screeds, it is possible to do without them. To ensure the stiffness of the whole structure crowns are held together by wooden pins that clog the two beams or logs in the third. The rods have on the wall in a checkerboard pattern with a certain pitch. Log (bars) are typically joined in the corners or "the cup" (when the end comes out), or "paw" (without remainder). In the second case, the ends of the closed casings - for added protection against moisture and microorganisms

Step 5:

Likewise assemble the inner walls of the same material or set frame walls - wooden frame filled with insulation. The roof to the wooden house is built using a standard roof system and any modern roofing materials - in this regard, the construction of a wooden house is no different from the houses built of brick.