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Man As A Philosophical Problem

Man as a philosophical problem

The problem of human nature, its origin, destination, the meaning of life, attracted and continues to attract the attention of the philosophers of all time. Obeying the laws of biological, ie, actually being a creature related to the animal world, it is - at the same time support the two opposites - body and soul. It…

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How To Recover Copper From Its Oxide

How to recover copper from its oxide

Due to its properties: thermal and electrical conductivity, ductility, high corrosion resistance, etc., copper has been widely used in human economic activity. In industry, it is extracted from sulphide and oxide ores, and pure copper can be recovered from the laboratory of its oxide.

You will need:

- chemical vessels; - Copper oxide (II);…

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How To Explore The Market

How to explore the market

Market research is the most common type of marketing research. Market research allows you to make effective decisions related to the selection of the market segment, with working marketing strategy. Without this it is impossible to imagine the long-term planning and forecasting activities company. With this you can choose the research methods themselves, consistent with the…

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How To Find The Length Of The

How to find the length of the

Long to denote the distance between the two points of any segment. It may be straight, polygonal or a closed line. Calculate the length can be quite a simple way, if you know some other segment performance.

Instruction how to find the length of the

Step 1:

If you need to find the length of…

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How To Build A Pentagon With A Caliper

How to build a pentagon with a caliper

Correct pentagon - a polygon in which all five sides and five angles are equal. Around it is easy to describe a circle. Construct a pentagon, and it will help this circle.

Instruction how to construct a pentagon with a caliper

Step 1:

The first step is to build a compass circle. Circle center…

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How To Find The Right Height In The Pyramid

How to find the right height in the pyramid

The pyramid is a polyhedron, which lies at the base of the polygon and its faces are triangles having a common vertex. For regular pyramid same definition is valid, but it lies at the base of a regular polygon. By the height of the pyramid is meant a segment which is held…

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How To Determine The Longitude And Latitude

How to determine the longitude and latitude

If you are away from the benefits of civilization and put in an emergency situation, first of all you need to navigate the terrain. In some cases it is necessary to determine the geographical coordinates of its location, for example, to transfer them to the rescue service. There are some relatively simple ways to…

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How To Determine The Money Supply

How to determine the money supply

Money supply - the totality of funds belonging to the state, legal entities and citizens involved in the maintenance of economic relations. This indicator provides a quantitative description of cash flow - the amount of money involved in the turnover for a certain period of time.

Instruction how to define the money supply

Step 1:


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How To Find The Percentage Of The Amount

How to find the percentage of the amount

Everything is relative. The attitude of some value to each other can be expressed as a percentage. For example, considering how much of the liquid from the mass contained in 1 kg of tomatoes and cucumbers, you will know what will be juicier.

You will need:

1) Paper 2) Handle 3) Calculator

Instruction on…

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How To Make Equality

How to make equality

Already from the first grade kids learn in math class concepts such as equality, the signs "more" and "less." On the job for years are becoming more complicated, but the requirement to make equality is found in them is also quite often as a sign of "equal" - the basis of any changes in mathematics.


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How To Apply For A Competition Of The President Prize In Science And Innovation

How to apply for a competition of the President Prize in Science and Innovation

Russian President's Prize in the field of science and innovation is now the highest recognition for young professionals to the society and the state. It is awarded for the development of new technologies and research results, which have contributed greatly to the development of the country and…

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How To Learn To Translate Liters In Decimeters

How to learn to translate liters in decimeters

Liters and cubic decimeter volume determined. They are applicable in many devices metering of gas consumption. In everyday life we ​​often use the concept of a liter. Consider how liters associated with decimeter and how to translate one value - to another.

Instruction how to learn to translate liters in decimeters

Step 1:


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How To Distinguish The Natural Light From The Polarized

How to distinguish the natural light from the polarized

The human eye is unable to distinguish the polarization of light. The same applies to most cameras, camcorders and cameras. To determine if the polarization of light polarizing filters are used.

Instruction how to distinguish between the natural light from the polarized

Step 1:

The polarizer is not intended for converting polarized light…

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How Fast Freeze Water

How fast freeze water

Water freezes at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Suppose you urgently needed for some ice purposes. How to get it? It would seem easier: you just have to cross between the vessel with the liquid in the freezer. But the water, due to the very high specific heat, cools slowly, and ice formation may take a…

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What Is The Mass Of The Higgs Boson

What is the mass of the Higgs boson

July 4, 2012 the scientific world celebrated the great victory. On this day, scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), announced that they are more likely to found the famous "God particle" - the Higgs boson, whose existence was predicted in the 70s. last century. Finding the particle itself, the scientists were…

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What Is Hermeneutics

What is hermeneutics

Hermeneutics - the art, the doctrine of the understanding and interpretation of texts, the original meaning of which is not clear because of their antiquity. The Greek word "hermeneutic", which means "understanding of the teacher", is derived from Hermes, who, according to mythology, passed people the message of the Olympian gods and interpreted their decrees.

Hermeneutics originated in…

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How To Pass Mathematical Analysis

How to pass mathematical analysis

Most of the students have difficulties with the delivery of the mathematical analysis. To prepare for this exam is difficult, but still feasible. You only need to have patience and diligence.

You will need:

- a list of issues and questions; - Educational literature; - Paper, pen.

Instruction how to pass mathematical analysis

Step 1:

To get started,…

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What Are The Similarities Between The Ants And The Internet

What are the similarities between the ants and the Internet

What are the similarities between the ants and the Internet? At first glance, this question is simply absurd. Well, at least, one can see the similarity between the large number of ants in the average number of the anthill and the World Wide Web users. You can still find similarities in…

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How To Reduce The Octane Number

How to reduce the octane number

Octane number - a measure of knock resistance of gasoline and other motor fuels. It is believed that the higher the octane number, the better the quality it has fuel, which means that it is significantly affected engine. But often there is a need to reduce the octane rating of the fuel used by the…

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How To Find The Area Of ​​Feasible Solutions

How to find the area of ​​feasible solutions

Once the roots of the equation are found, make sure that after the substitution equality will make sense. And if the substitution is very complex, and the roots of a large number of the most rational way to answer this question is to find the area of ​​"acceptable solutions", which separates the suitable…

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