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Azimuth: how to measure

Everyone knows that on the ground, you can navigate using a compass. But in order to do it in practice, you need to know the rules of the azimuth measurements. To do this, determine the angle between the north and the direction given to the interests of the observer object.

Azimuth: how to measure

You will need:

Compass, a small steel object, match or line

Instruction azimuth: how to measure

Step 1:

Check the compass to work. Take the steel object (well suited conventional keys, a small knife, scissors, etc.). Place the compass on a flat surface, if the arrow has a mount, release it. Arrow orient in a certain direction. Take an object and setting it in front of the north end of the arrow, start to lead him along the compass housing in any strontium. The arrow must navigate the object and move, pointing at him. After passing through a quarter turn, remove the metal object. The arrow must navigate back to the position from which the start of the movement.

Step 2:

Before starting the measurement make sure that in the vicinity of the compass no bodies made of iron (steel, cast iron), permanent magnets, current-carrying conductors. Determine the price of the compass scale interval. To do this, take it to the next two numeric values, subtract the smaller from the larger. Divide the result by the number of divisions between the numerical values.

Step 3:

Place the compass on a flat surface and release his arrow, if provided for fastening. Wait until the arrow will come to balance and orient the north (as a rule, it is the end of the blue arrow, red oriented to the south). Correctly set the compass dial. To do this, turn it up until the point corresponding to 0º coincides with the northern end of the arrow. Orient in the right direction.

Step 4:

To make it as accurate as possible, place in a given direction and a straight, thin object, it can be a smooth branch, match, line, etc. In this case the subject in any case should not be made from any of iron alloy, or an arrow immediately knock. With the help of the scale on the compass to calculate the angle between the direction of the arrow of the compass and the desired object. This angle will be the azimuth. Knowing azimuth from a certain point you can easily navigate the terrain without fear of getting lost.