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Hotol - a breakthrough in space technology

More than half a century after the launch of the first rocket, space flights are very expensive.

Hotol - a breakthrough in space technology

Starting each spacecraft is worth millions of dollars. After that, the rocket turns into garbage and pollute the biosphere of our planet. single-flight technology has not changed since 1960. British engineer Allan Bond invented a new concept of space travel and is in step of its implementation.

Central to this concept takes the spacecraft horizontal take-off and landing - HOTOL. The main difference from the rocket is in its engines. HOTOL not carries a heavy fuel tanks, and receiving oxygen and hydrogen from the atmosphere. And only after reaching 28 kilometers starts using domestic fuel supplies.


According to Bond's first flight could take place in 2018. Experts estimate that one flight will cost about 94 million. Dollars. And the spacecraft will be reused. This will reduce the cost of repairs to the International Space Station and to reduce the cost of delivery of satellites into orbit.

But Bond believes that his offspring could be used for colonization of nearby planets and distant corners of space research.