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How can electrify body

Considered electrified body, creates around itself an electric field of sufficient strength to attract small objects. Electrification lend themselves as conductors and insulators.

How can electrify body

Instruction how to electrify a body

Step 1:

The only way to charge an object made of a conductor is the impact on it by an electric field. To do this, place the object on an insulating stand, and then bring to a body of electrified him from a dielectric. After that, to attract, for example, pieces of foam and becomes a conductor.

Step 2:

To electrify insulator, press it to an object made of a different dielectric material, and then share these items. Repeat the operation several times. The friction in this case is unnecessary - it only replaces the multiple pressing of objects to each other. Dielectrics are farther apart in the triboelectric series, the better will result.

Step 3:

With widening of the plates of a charged capacitor, which is nowhere connected, its capacity decreases and the voltage across it increases. The accumulated energy in it is not changed. This phenomenon is used in the device, called elektroforom (not to be confused with an electrostatic machine, which uses the same effect). To make elektrofor, attach the handle to the dielectric metal disc. Handle the disc only by the handle and move it to a large, but slightly electrified object. Then move it - paper strips or foam balls will be attracted to him more than to the object from which you charged it.

Step 4:

Unlike simple electrified bodies, electrets create around themselves an electric field always like magnets always create around themselves a magnetic field. To make an electret, melt a small piece of a candle on a shallow metal plate. Bring it on top of an electrified object, but not too close to not slipped a spark, and a pair of wax is not lit up. Continuing to keep the source of the field, cool paraffin and wait for it to complete solidification. Only then remove naelektrischovanny thing.