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How do I find the compass

The ability to navigate the terrain, may not be so important in the city, but what if familiar landmarks in the form of houses and streets are missing? Detect your location in an environment where there is a compass and GPS-navigator will help some simple rules, some of which are known from the school.

How do I find the compass

Instruction how to find the light side

Step 1:

The easiest, but most unreliable method - define the light side on the moss, branches of trees, the melting ice and snow, etc. Thus, the resin conifer longer stands on the south side. Moss more on the north side of trees, stones and rocks. The snow melts faster on the south side of the hills and the trees, but in ravines, on the contrary, the north side melts faster because south obscures the slope. Use this method in addition to the other, which will be discussed below.

Step 2:

Party Light can be precisely defined in the forest if cuttings. Cuts through the glade strict north-south or east-west. You can also see the numbers on the pillars located at the intersection of firebreaks. The smaller of the four numbers marked on the faces of the pole, which face north and south. Fewer of those that point to the west and east, will look to the west, because numbering columns horizontally in Russia starts from the west.

Step 3:

Check the compass can be the sun with the help of a wristwatch. To do this, turn the dial so that the hour hand pointing to the sun. Divide the angle located between the hour hand and 12 o'clock half (before lunch it will be on the left corner of the 12, in the afternoon - on the right). The axis extending from the center point obtained through the hours, will point to the south.

Step 4:

In addition, the sun will help determine the cardinal points on your shade. If you get up at noon the sun back, the shadow will point to the North (respectively, in the back would be south, west to the left and right side of the east). From spring to autumn sun is in the east at 6:00, in the south-east at 9:00, in the south, at 13:00, in the south-west at 15:00, in the west at 18:00.

Step 5:

Since ancient times, people were determined points of the compass by the stars. Morning Star - the planet Venus - so named because it appears in the morning in the west just after sunset in the east. In the morning she was alone visible in the sky.

Step 6:

In addition, you can determine the north with the help of the Polar Star. Mentally draw a line through the two end stars in the Big Dipper, hold on to the line of extreme stars in the handle of the Little Dipper bucket - the brightest star - Polaris.