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How do I find the length of the

body length, or the length of the path of movement can be found by measuring it by calculating by means of mathematical formulas or the parameters of motion of bodies, overcoming the distance, the length of which is measured. In all cases, the length is known by its methodology.

How do I find the length of the

You will need:

- line; - Roulette; - laser rangefinder; - Roller rangefinder.

Instruction how to find the length of the

Step 1:

To measure the length of the segment using a ruler. Attach it to the measured interval and align one of its ends with zero. On a scale ruler, determine the distance at which the other end of the segment. This will be its length. The segments of a larger measure by means of roulette in the same way. Measure the length of the laser range finder, directing the beam from the start point to the end, and will be displayed on the screen at once measured the length of the segment.

Step 2:

To measure the length of an object or a line that is not straight, use a tape measure. It must be repeated in full every curve line, the length of which is measured. If possible, to measure the length of an indirect path, use the roller distance meter (odometer). Put his wheel at the starting point of the trajectory, and draw them to the end point. At a special scale or the display appears the distance traveled by the wheel.

Step 3:

The length of all sides of a geometrical figure called a perimeter. To find it, measure each side of the figure, and find their sum. Some figures can be found on the perimeter of the formulas: • To find the perimeter of an equilateral triangle, measure its side and multiply by 3; • for square and diamond side length multiply by 4; • For a parallelogram, including the amount of the rectangle of unequal sides, multiply by 2; • For right-angled triangle the sum of the other two sides, add the hypotenuse is equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the legs.

Step 4:

To find the length of the circle radius multiply it by the number of 6.28, the number or diameter of 3.14.

Step 5:

To find the length of the path, which passed S's body, his average speed v on the way to multiply the time it took to overcome it t (S = v ∙ t). Likewise, the way the body count in uniform motion. If the body moves uniformly accelerated, with an initial velocity v0 and the acceleration a over time t, the length of the path to find out, find the sum of the product at the time of the initial velocity and acceleration at half time in the square S = V0 • t + a • t² / 2. The calculations take into account that if the body slows down, then the acceleration is "minus" sign.