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How to calculate hectare

Action areas in different people are different. In Russia, the land was measured tithe, the existing types of measures differed in size, and by name. In the dictionary Dahl described breech hundreds, round, Astrakhan tithes, and they were used until the introduction of the metric system of measures.

How to calculate hectare

You will need:

- fathoms; - Rope; - GPS navigator.

Instruction how to calculate hectare

Step 1:

Note that the term "ha" also has to do with tithing - 1 ha. 11/12 is the tithe. The old measures and forgotten for a long time are not used, although their names are found, for example, in literature. Perhaps you have heard what the miles, seven feet, elbow, step - all these measures have had some importance. Versta - is 500 yards or 1,066.8 m, the step is 71 cm In the old long-distance measured the versts.. Today we can use the formula for calculating the area and find the product of length and width of the plot.

Step 2:

Keep in mind that one hectare - this section with sides of 100 x 100 m or 10 000 sq.m. If hectare count a hundred, you get 100 acres, because weaving is 100 sq.m. Previously, to get such a large piece of land, farmers used wooden fathom. This measure differ in purpose and value of, for example, oblique seven feet - 2.48 m, or centrifugal fathom -. 1.76 m Later, for these purposes using the rope.

Step 3:

Calculate the large tracts of land by means of complex technological devices, eg, GPS receiver, which is equipped with a car. With the help of GPS navigator, you will be able to objectively assess the border area and to clarify its position. Designating the border of the field, create an e-card - Enter the information into the computer.

Step 4:

To see the actual size of the site, use the satellite navigation system. For agricultural land, such a system can be very useful. You will be able to clarify the specifics of each field, to examine the yield and the captured information to use for future crops. Plan your work schedule, requirements engineering, fuel, seeds and fertilizers. This system can be useful for gardening associations, as by calculating the yield, it is possible to determine the "value" of each site separately.