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How to calculate the average score

Know the average score is usually necessary to graduates, as they sometimes are interested in hiring. Its calculation is made on the method of determining the arithmetic mean of the estimates (we are talking only about those estimates, which stand in the diploma).

How to calculate the average score

You will need:

diploma or record book, calculator

Instruction how to calculate the average score

Step 1:

Take your diploma, and if it does not, gradebook, and count the number of assessments. Those who use the record book, it is important to be careful: are taken into account only those estimates which are in the diploma. Therefore, to begin to find out which ones are not exactly there and, accordingly, they do not take into account. As a rule, do not go to some degree evaluation differentiated offset - in those cases where the subject has not yet ended. Keep in mind that the diploma is always going evaluation of coursework and practices.

Step 2:

Count the total amount of received points. Those. simply added to the assessment of the evaluation. Easier and faster to calculate how much you fives, fours and as many triples and multiply each of these assessments in its amount.

Step 3:

The resulting number of points, divide the total number of ratings. The resulting number will be your average score.

Step 4:

Example: your diploma bear evaluation of 45 subjects. Of these, you've got 20, fives, 20 fours and 5 triples. Multiply 20 5, 20 4 and 5 to 3. These numbers (100, 80 and 15) fold. This amount (195 points) divide by 45. The result will be released about 4.3. Therefore, your average score is 4.3.