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How to calculate the length of the leg

There are two right-angled triangle the hypotenuse and leg. Their values ​​are interrelated. This means that knowing any two of these parameters, we can calculate the third.

How to calculate the length of the leg

Instruction how to calculate the length of the leg

Step 1:

Angled triangle is called a triangle in which one angle of the line, and all the rest - sharp. All right triangles have two leg. Isosceles triangle has two equal-length leg and two identical angle. Both of them are equal to 45 degrees. In the simple (scalene) a right triangle is equal to one of the angles 30 °, and the other - 60 °. Each of the legs may be found either on the length of the hypotenuse and the remaining leg or at the corners.

Step 2:

The essence of the first method of calculation of the boat is to use the Pythagorean Theorem. If given the hypotenuse and one of the legs, the second find by the formula: a = √c²-b².

Step 3:

If the problem is given an isosceles right triangle and the hypotenuse have to resort to the use of the trigonometric functions. At one corner of the triangle is 90 °, and the remaining two - 45 °. Catete find an isosceles triangle with the following formula :: a = b = c * cosα = c * sinα.

Step 4:

In a non-isosceles right triangle leg is slightly different way. The first corner of the figure is 90 °, the second - 60 °, and the third - 30 °. The final form of the formula depends on what exactly you want to find the leg. If unknown smaller leg, it will be equal to the product of the cosine of the hypotenuse of a larger angle: a = c * cos60 ° .Vtoroy leg in this case, we find the following way: b = c * sin 60 ° = c * cos30 °.

Step 5:

Furthermore, if the given one of the angles of 30 °, and one leg length a, the second leg can be calculated tangents. The formula for calculating the leg is shown below: tgα = a / b = tg 30 ° = a / b.Sootvetstvenno, a leg is: a = b * tg α.