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How to calculate the root on the calculator

If you have the opportunity to use a computer, certainly you have access to the program and calculator. These applications include all the features of an ordinary gadget, adding to the ease of use it proper to modern software. For example, the calculation of the roots in the Windows calculator program possible in four ways.

How to calculate the root on the calculator

You will need:

Of Windows.

Instruction on how to calculate the root calculator

Step 1:

Start the calculator. The corresponding link can be found in the main menu of the OS, but it's easier to press Win key, type "ka" and press Enter - the system will understand you with two letters and will open a software calculator. For earlier versions of Windows - for example, XP - this method can be replaced by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + R and entering the command calc and then pressing the Enter key.

Step 2:

If the exponent of the root, which is required to calculate, is equal to two, just run the application field, start typing the square root value. This can be done with either the keyboard or clicking on buttons in the interface. When finished, click the button with the image of a radical - the second from the top in the right column. The program will extract the root and displays the result.

Step 3:

To calculate the cube root of an interface is started by default is not enough, so activate more advanced - "Engineering". To do this, press the key combination Ctrl + 2, or select the appropriate option in the "View" menu of the application. Then enter the number whose root is to be calculated, and click on the Interface button marked with ³√x, and the task will be executed.

Step 4:

When removing the root with a higher degree of input operation will consist of two steps. Please type the number of the square root, and then click the button to ʸ√x characters, enter the exponent and press Enter. The result will appear in the relevant field of the application interface.

Step 5:

There is another way to extract the root of any degree, which uses the power of the erection operation with a fractional exponent. You know that the root extract, for example, is equivalent to the fourth power of the construction of the power 1/4. Therefore, enter the first number, from which it is necessary to extract the root, then click on the button raising to an arbitrary degree and type xʸ decimal corresponding to one divided by the exponent. For the fourth root of the number of the degrees is 1/4 = 0.25. Press Enter, and the root will be extracted.