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How to calculate the sum of the sum

To calculate the sum of the sum is enough to fold all the terms included in individual amounts. If the calculations are performed in Excel, then calculate the sum of the amounts can be much faster and easier.

How to calculate the sum of the sum

You will need:

Computer, Excel

Instruction how to calculate the sum of the sum

Step 1:

To in Excel to calculate the sum of the sums of the columns of the table, place the cursor to the right of the rightmost column in the row where the column sums. Click on the summation sign "?", Located under the main menu called "AutoSum". Depending on the settings and the previous action plan to allocate a block of cells, which (in its view) you intend to summarize. If the selected block does not coincide with the line of the partial sums, then select this line (to the selected cells) and press "Enter". After that, the selected cell will be the formula for calculating the sum of amounts of columns, and to calculate its value.

Step 2:

In order to find the sum of the amounts Excel table rows, do the same. Place the cursor below the lowest line in the column, where the amount of lines. Click on the AutoSum icon (?). Select the block of cells that you want to summarize (in this case it will be a part of the column to the total cells). Press "Enter". After that will appear in the selected cell formula to calculate the sum of the amounts of lines, as well as to calculate its current value.

Step 3:

If the partial sums are on different pages of the table, then to calculate the sum of the amounts easiest follows. Add a new sheet to the table (it will settle down a formula for calculating the amount of the sum). To do this, select the main menu "Insert" - "List". Click on the pop-up list any cell, place the cursor over it and click on the summation sign "?". Now, moving from leaf to leaf, alternately select the cell cursor to the partial sums. After each "guidance" to press the semicolon (;), and at the end press the «Enter». This formula will bring together all the preliminary amount on all sheets of the table and will summarize them.