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How to check the lambda probe

Lambda probe sensor is an apparatus for evaluating the content of free oxygen remaining in the exhaust gases. His testimony enable a control system to maintain the optimal ratio between air and fuel in the combustion chambers. There are a number of symptoms that indicate the need to check the lambda probe for a malfunction.

How to check the lambda probe

You will need:

- Sensor instruction; - DVM.

Instruction how to check lambda probe

Step 1:

Determine if your sensor needs a lambda probe to be checked. The faults may indicate: engine roughness, jerks and twitches; mismatch emission standards; deterioration of fuel efficiency; premature failure of the catalyst. If there is at least one of the symptoms, then begin testing the device.

Step 2:

Read the manufacturer's instructions probe oxygen sensor. It should be specified the main parameters of the device. Check for physical damage, the work of the injection system, the voltage on-board network, the integrity of the electrical circuits and the ignition timing. Compare established figures with the data specified in the instructions.

Step 3:

Disconnect the sensor from the oxygen sensor pads and connect a digital voltmeter. Start the engine and increase its speed up to 2500 rev / min. Use apparatus for enriching a combustible mixture of gasoline to artificially increase the content to reduce the engine speed to 200 revolutions / min.

Step 4:

If your car is equipped with electronic fuel injection, you can just get it at the time of the vacuum tube, which is in the fuel pressure regulator. If at this point the voltmeter needle will move to the voltage of 0.9 V, the lambda probe defective sensor. If the voltmeter is practically not react, or its value is less than 0.8, it indicates a malfunction of the device.

Step 5:

Take the vacuum tube and simulate air leak to carry out the test on the lean. If the voltmeter reading plummeted to 0.2 V or less, the sensor is working properly, otherwise the device must be replaced.

Step 6:

Test dynamic modes sensor lambda probe. To do this, you must connect the device to the injection system and set parallel to the voltmeter. Bring the machine speed to 1500 rev / min. At this time, the voltmeter readings should be in the region of 0.5 V. Otherwise, the sensor is defective.