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How to connect a diode

To connect the diode, you must make sure that its settings correspond to the electrical circuit. Also, before you connect the diode should be checked for serviceability, the device is not out of order.

How to connect a diode

You will need:

Equipment needed: soldering iron, a screwdriver, a wire, a knife, a multimeter.

Instruction how to connect a diode

Step 1:

Checking the diode. Check serviceability of the diode. To do this, set the multimeter to continuity test mode circuit or resistance measurement. Conclusions diode must not be connected to any equipment. Touch probes to the diode terminals, then change the location of the probe and repeat the operation. Defective diode should call only in one direction. Remember or somehow mark the conclusion to which the touch probe positive polarity, when the diode is ringing. This conclusion is called the anode.

Step 2:

Mounting diode in an AC circuit. Perform a gap in the chain of alternating current, by cutting a wire or disconnect it from the terminal of a power tool. Strip the ends of the wires and obludite them using a soldering iron. Solder the diode leads to the resulting ends, or, if the design of the diode, connect the wires using bolted connections.

Step 3:

Installation of the diode in the DC circuit. Follow the break in the circuit, and strip the ends of the wires obludite obtained. Determine the polarity of the voltage in the circuit where the diode will be installed. This can be done by using a multimeter in the DC measurement mode. Touch probes to the ends of the wires in the generated circuit. If the reading on the display will be negative, the negative or common probe located on the wire with positive polarity. If the reading is positive, the positive probe touches the point with the appropriate polarity. Determine the polarity of the diode in the circuit. If the diode is used as a conductive member, connect the anode to the point with a positive voltage. When using a diode as a locking element joined to minus anode electric circuit. Solder or otherwise attach the diode leads to the circuit portion.