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How to convert meters to cubic meters

The meter is a unit used by the international SI system of units. It is used to measure the length, i.e. the linear dimensions of objects in the system. Features volume of the same objects, too, are determined in such terms, but measured in a cubic system.

How to convert meters to cubic meters

Instruction how to convert meters to cubic meters

Step 1:

For meter at different times, it was assumed: the length of the pendulum with a half swing at a latitude of 45 ° equal to 1 second (this is approximately 0,944 meters in the current year); one of forty of the Paris meridian. The latter value was introduced in the late 18th century. Thanks to Napoleon's conquests of the metric system was prevalent in Europe. In the UK, not conquered by Napoleon, preserved the traditional measures of length. Today meter - is the amount equal to the length of the path traveled by light in vacuum during 1/299792458 seconds. A cubic meter, as mentioned above - a unit of volume measurement. Just put a sign of equality between these values ​​or express one over another is not possible.

Step 2:

To understand what a cubic meter, imagine a cube. Each side he will be equal to one meter. Of course, the pieces can be of different shapes, with different indices of length, width and height.

Step 3:

For example, the length of the cuboid is three meters, the width of one meter and a height of two meters. You need to find the volume. It is equal to the product of the length, width and height. It turns out: 3x2x1 = 6 (m³).

Step 4:

You can also find the volume of a sphere (V = 4/3 πR³, where V - volume, R - radius), a cylinder (V = πR²H, H - height), the cone (V = 1/3 πR²H) and other stereometric figures. Formulas for determining the volume, you can find the directory in mathematical or specialized sites.

Step 5:

Remember that for the prefixes "Santa", "deci", "Milli" in the metric system other numerical coefficient is fixed. The linear system of calculations decimeter indicates one-tenth of a meter, centimeter - one hundredth of a millimeter - one-thousandth. In cubic units of "gap" between them increases. One cubic meter of a thousand cubic decimeters million cubic centimeters and a billion cubic millimeters.