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How to detect a magnetic field

Discover a constant magnetic field in several ways. To determine the presence of high static magnetic field (above the earth's magnetic field) is possible for the magnetic compass needle reactions on the testimony of the magnetometer DEEPGEOTECH or poured into a transparent box of metal dust.

How to detect a magnetic field

You will need:

compass; transparent, hermetically closed capsule of a nonmagnetic material; metal dust; magnetometer DEEPGEOTECH

Instruction how to detect the magnetic field

Step 1:

To register a high level of static magnetic fields with a compass, place it horizontally near the object under study. Unlock the compass needle. The magnitude of the deviation of the compass needle from the natural situation and determine if it has an approximate value of an intrinsic magnetic field at the object under study. Less of this method - very approximate measurements.

Step 2:

Pour into a transparent box of metal dust. Close it. Bring to the test object. In the presence of the subject's own magnetic field, metal dust located along the (field) field lines. To determine the location and orientation of the magnetic field of the poles move along the box of the test subject. Determine the location of the poles of the magnetic field lines of force converging. Plus this method - the ability to visually observe the orientation and direction of the magnetic field lines.

Step 3:

To obtain accurate quantitative values ​​of the magnetic field and the presence of anomalies, use the magnetometer DEEPGEOTECH. Turn on the device. Explore the area on the desired site. When the magnetic anomaly hear a beep. instrument measurement results are read with his display. If necessary, fix the parameters (GPS coordinates of the place, time) and the results of measurements of the magnetic field strength in EXCEL format document for further research on a personal computer. This method enables precise quantitative measurements, linked to the coordinates of the terrain. It allows you to receive documentary evidence recorded anomalies of the magnetic field on the ground.