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How to determine the diameter of the hole

Measurement at any art involves the use of special tools and fixtures. They differ in the method of application, area and the measurement accuracy, which can be used. A special place in the measurements of the diameters of the holes takes determination.

How to determine the diameter of the hole

You will need:

- yardstick; - The usual bore gauge; - Micrometer caliper; - Caliper.

Instruction how to determine the diameter of the hole

Step 1:

In the simplest case, when a large accuracy is not critical, use to determine the diameter of the holes measuring range. Place the tool to the hole diameter at its level and make a count of the number of divisions (centimeters and millimeters), which fit into the hole on the line. For most of the household measuring accuracy provided by this method is sufficient.

Step 2:

To measure the use of inaccurate holes bore gauge. Enter the device measured in the hole right hand. The index finger of the other hand to push the handle of Nutromer hole wall. Now, a little shake the device to find the smallest solution of the temples in which the second shackle holes will touch the wall.

Step 3:

After Nutromer solution set, determine its value for the measuring range. At the end of this line should rest against some in the machined surface (the wall part of a support, etc.). Diameter measurement accuracy in this case is low (in the range 0.2-0.5 mm).

Step 4:

A more accurate measurement of the diameter of the holes that are larger than 10 mm, produce caliper. For this purpose, are rounded side surfaces of its upper jaw. Insert the tool into the hole and slide the caliper jaws, so they came up against the edge of the hole. On a scale of the device, determine the diameter of the hole to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. In this way convenient to measure the diameter of only that part of the hole, which is located near the end of the details, but check the roundness (no taper) will not work.

Step 5:

Precise measurement of the diameter of the holes is also possible to carry out a special (micrometer) Inside. It is supplied with extension rods of different lengths, join the appliance stem, which allows to increase the measurement range. During the measurement, make sure that bore gauge located exactly perpendicular to the hole axis, which is determined by the diameter. For this purpose, one end of the device in Abut surface holes, and the second slide in a diametrical plane.