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How to determine the direction of the wind

There are sports that are directly dependent on the wind direction. For example, kiteboarding. Athlete, they get carried away, you must be able to correctly determine the direction of the wind before going out on the water.

How to determine the direction of the wind

You will need:

- flag, scarf or shawl.

Instruction how to define the direction of the wind

Step 1:

Look, is there on the banks of the flag. Looking at him, you can easily determine not only the direction but also the approximate strength of the wind. If the flag near you can not find, try other ways to benefit them enough.

Step 2:

Similarly, look at the smoke. Perhaps somewhere in the vicinity of a factory with smoke stacks, or some fries on the grill skewers.

Step 3:

Take a box, a handkerchief or a long scarf. Go on a flat surface. Raise your hand up to the subject. If there are no obstacles on the sides not, you can easily determine the direction of the wind.

Step 4:

Turn your head from side to side. As soon as she will take the position right on the wind, you will hear the same noise in both ears.

Step 5:

Look at the water, more precisely on the wave. They always move in the direction of "down with the wind."