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How to display the percentage of

In any business question may arise as to bring the percentage. It's pretty simple arithmetic operation, which is to remember everyone. There are several variants of calculation, so that the operation can master each, the main thing - to remember the sequence of actions.

How to display the percentage of

You will need:

pen and paper, a calculator

Instruction how to derive the percentage of

Step 1:

Percent (N) is part of a single number (P), the latter is always equal to 100%. Thus, it turns out that our given number is 100 equal parts, and we need to find the N pieces of it. We make the proportion of P = 100% = N% under a question mark hidden numbers constituting the required percentage of us?. For the correct preparation of the calculation using the rule "a crossroads." To calculate the number of hidden in question, it is necessary to multiply the known quantities standing crosswise and then divided into a certain number of the second pair (P * N) / 100 = For clarity, we define specific values.? 37 = 100% = 7% (37 *? 7) /100=2,59T.e. 2.59 This number is 7% of the set value.

Step 2:

Proportions may be of the following types: 1) = 100% Z = N% here - Z, the number of components specified percentage of the unknown whole number?. The calculation formula is as follows:? (Z * 100) / N = 2) P = 100% Z =% calculation formula:? (Z * 100) / R =?

Step 3:

But how to count the percentage on the calculator, if the numbers are large and in their mind share and multiply no time or opportunity? Or, follow the steps according to the formulas given above, or simplify your task and perform the action program laid down. They are standard for all models kalkulyatora.Vvedite number, a percentage of which need nayti.Nazhmite key "multiply" (X), the amount of the required percentage, followed by "percentage" (%) - the latter executes the division by 100.