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How to divide a fraction on the whole

In general, the algorithm for division of fractions is as follows: first, the one shot, which is a divisor is replaced by its inverse fraction (numerator and denominator are reversed). Next, the multiplication of two fractions, and then the result is simplified. Dividing common fractions should be an integer, this number should be written in the form of common fractions with the same denominator, and then divide these two common fraction by the usual algorithm.

How to divide a fraction on the whole

Instruction on how to divide the whole fraction

Step 1:

Give divider (integer) to the same form in which the dividend is recorded (fraction). The denominator of the divider put the same number, which is used in the denominator of the dividend. A numerator denominator should be multiplied by this same integer. For example, if the fraction to be divided by the number of 8/15 3, it is necessary to convert the number to a fraction, in which the denominator is 15 and the numerator 15 * 3 = 45, ie 45/15. Now, the initial problem is reduced to the division by a fraction of the fraction 8/15 45/15.

Step 2:

Multiply the dividend (8/15) by a fraction, the inverse divider, ie 15/45. Since the first shot of the 15 is in the denominator, while the second - in the numerator, they can be reduced to 1. As a result, the initial problem is reduced to the multiplication of the fraction 8/1 by the fraction 1/45.

Step 3:

Multiply the numerator (1 * 8 = 8) and denominators (1 * 45 = 45). So you get a result that can be written in the form of a common fraction 8/45.

Step 4:

Divide the numerator results in its denominator, if the solution of the problem should be presented not in the form of an ordinary fraction and as a decimal. Split can be in a column, or just use a calculator. If you have internet access, you can, for example, use the calculator's built-in Google search engine. To do this, go to the search engine site and type in the keyword "8 divided into 45" or "8/45". Press the button to send the request to the server is not necessarily the answer up to nine digits, you will see immediately.

Step 5:

If only the result is important in decimal form, and the decision process is not important, it is possible to entrust the necessary conversion of fractions and mathematical operations with them Google calculator. You only need to define and enter a query in the search box. For example, for the problem, which is used as an example in the previous steps, the formulation of the search query should be: "8/15 divided by 3". And the result is that Google will show calculator is equal to 0.177777778.