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How to explore the market

Market research is the most common type of marketing research. Market research allows you to make effective decisions related to the selection of the market segment, with working marketing strategy. Without this it is impossible to imagine the long-term planning and forecasting activities company. With this you can choose the research methods themselves, consistent with the purposes of market research and their capabilities.

How to explore the market

Instruction how to research market

Step 1:

Select the object of market research. This may be the processes of development and structure of the market, the availability and the level of market competition, the existing conditions, as well as economic, demographic, environmental and other factors, which in varying degrees, can affect the dynamics of the processes occurring in the market.

Step 2:

Choose the method that you use to market research. The effectiveness of a particular method mainly depends on the type of study. Gathering the necessary data on the initial stage of market research carried out by methods such as observation, survey and experiment.

Step 3:

When using the method of observation using real or simulated conditions (situation). Monitoring provides valuable information on the behavior of consumers, regardless of the consent of the observed object in the collaboration. Objective methods of observation is high, but this method requires usually substantial costs.

Step 4:

Having chosen as a method of research survey of the market, determine exactly how it will be: verbal, telephone (interview), work (surveys, questionnaires). A carefully prepared and well-conducted survey allows you to get enough complete and objective information on the views of consumers.

Step 5:

During the experiment, create pre-planned and controlled environment in which the selected factors you can change. The experiment allows you to track the impact of factors on their dependent variables. Conducting an experiment can be both in the field and in the laboratory.

Step 6:

Go to the next stage of market research. From open sources will receive information on such parameters as the market its capacity share, growth parameters, competitor activity, the demand for the products offered. The important is to find out in the course of the study the industry structure, marketing channels and their possible expansion.

Step 7:

As a result of comprehensive market research to make a selection of target markets, perform a forecast of their development with the long-term perspective. Determine also the most effective methods of conducting policy in relation to its competitors and the possibility of changes in the business with access to new markets.