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How to find a fraction

The number that consists of one or many parts of one whole, in mathematics and related sciences are called shot. Parts of the unit are called lobes. The total number of shares in the unit - a denominator and the number of shares taken - its numerator.

How to find a fraction

You will need:

- paper; - a pen; - Calculator.

Instruction how to find a fraction

Step 1:

Multiply the right (recorded as a ratio of the numerator to the denominator) fraction and a natural number: the numerator or the dividend, multiply the result by the number and write in the numerator (the number of which is located above the horizontal line - separator fractions). Denominator (divisor) remains the same.

Step 2:

Multiply mixed (recorded as a proper fraction and whole number) fraction and a natural number: Multiply the integer part and the numerator by this number and leave the denominator unchanged. Mixed fraction is the sum of the whole numbers and fractions.

Step 3:

Multiply two fractions together, first multiply between a numerator, and record the result in the numerator, and then, respectively, multiply the denominators and record the result in the denominator.

Step 4:

Multiply each other mixed fractions: first write the fraction in the form of irregular, in which the unit of the numerator over denominator module. To do this, multiply by the denominator of the integer part of the fraction obtained and add the product to the number in the numerator. After conversion, multiply, respectively, the numerators and denominators, and record the result as improper fractions.

Step 5:

Divide one shot to another: swap the numerator and denominator of the second fraction - get back a fraction and multiply this fraction to the first as described above.