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How to find copper

Copper - a widespread metal which is one of the first has been mastered by man. Since ancient times, due to its relative softness, copper has been used mainly in the form of bronze - an alloy with tin. It occurs both in nuggets, and in the form of compounds. It is a ductile metal golden-pink color, the air is quickly covered with oxide film, which imparts a yellow copper-red hue. How to determine whether copper is contained in a particular product?

How to find copper

Instruction how to find copper

Step 1:

In order to find the copper, can be made fairly simple qualitative response. For this nastrogat piece of metal on the chip. If you want to analyze the wire, it should be cut into small pieces.

Step 2:

Then pour into the tube a little concentrated nitric acid. Gently lower to the same chips or pieces of wire. The reaction starts almost immediately, and it requires great care and caution. Well, if you have the opportunity to carry out this operation in a hood or, in extreme cases, in the open air, as evolve toxic oxides of nitrogen is very harmful for health. They are easy to see because they are brown - turns out the so-called "fox tail".

Step 3:

The resulting solution must be evaporated to the burner. It is also very desirable to do in the hood. At this point the removed not only harmless water vapor and acid pair, and remaining nitrogen oxides. Completely vaporize a solution is not necessary.

Step 4:

In the same solution, pour a few drops of ammonia. This should be done with a pipette. If you are in nitric acid dissolved copper wire or sawdust, the solution will turn bright blue.