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How to find subtracted

Any problem in the subtraction is the inverse of the simple arithmetic operations of addition. They are more difficult to master. Especially those that want to find subtracted.

How to find subtracted

You will need:

- paper; - a pen; - Examples; - pencils; - pens.

Instruction how to find subtracted

Step 1:

Remember that subtraction - is one of the four basic arithmetic operations, in which the two numbers sought third, giving the sum with the second first. If we look at subtraction as the addition of the reverse action, it turns out that is determined by subtracting one of the terms (it is the difference in the subtraction), based on the sum of two terms (referred to as the minuend) and the other term (called the deductible).

Step 2:

To learn the rule for finding the unknown deducted, use various simple and not very methodological procedures adopted in mathematics. First of all, consider the equation: 10 - 6 = 4. To begin to assume that in the example of the unknown is reduced, that is, X - 6 = 4. Its easy to find, you just have to add 6 4: 6 + 4 = 10.

Step 3:

Then consider the equation when the unknown is subtracted: 10 - X = 4. Note that the definition of subtraction as the arithmetic operation shows that 10 - is the sum of two components 6 and 4: 10 + 4 = 6.

Step 4:

Remember the rule that if the sum of two terms of take one of these numbers, the result will be found another term. So, to find the unknown X, which in this example is deductible should subtract 4 from 10: 10 - 4 = 6 Subtrahend found, X = 6.

Step 5:

Now find the unknown subtracted in the other equation. For example, 61 - a = 29. Reason, as in the previous equation. Among the 61, which is the sum of two terms, is 29 and a number of other - unknown subtracted. And to find the latest, subtract 61 from the number 29: 61 - 29 = 32. The subtrahend was found to be 32. Check that the solution of the equation, substituting and found an unknown number: 61 - 32 = 29. The true equality, then a = 32.

Step 6:

Secure the acquired knowledge by solving problems using objects and visual aids (pens, apples, pencils, and other available tools). For steady development of material solve more equations. Memorize the rule for finding the unknown deductible, which reads as follows: to find unknown subtracted, it is necessary to take the difference of the minuend.