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How to find the center of the figure

Center pieces can be found in several ways, despite what the data on it is already known. It is necessary to make out the presence of the circle center, which is a set of points, which are located at an equal distance from the center, as this figure - one of the most common.

How to find the center of the figure

You will need:

- square; - Line.

Instruction how to find the center of the figure

Step 1:

The easiest way to find the center of the circle - to bend a piece of paper on which it is drawn, making, looking up to the light, that it has developed exactly in half. Then bend the sheet perpendicular to the first fold. So you get the diameters of the intersection point which is the center of the figure.

Step 2:

Of course, this technique is ideal only if a circle is drawn on paper, thin enough to be able to see the light, exactly whether the complex sheet.

Step 3:

For example, the figure under consideration drew on a hard, unyielding surface, or a separate piece, which also does not give the fold. To find the center of the circle, in this case, you need a line.

Step 4:

The diameter is the length of the segment connecting the two points of the circle. As you know, he goes through the center, so the task of finding the center of the circle is reduced to finding the diameter, and its middle.

Step 5:

Place the ruler on the circle, then commit anywhere in the figure zero. Attach the line to the circle, received cross-section, and then move towards the center of the figure. cutting length will increase until it reaches the peak point. You get diameter and finding the middle of it, and find the center of the circle.

Step 6:

The center of the circumscribed circle of any triangle is located at the intersection of the median perpendiculars. If a rectangular triangle, its center always coincides with the middle of the hypotenuse. That is, the solution lies in building a circle inside the right-angled triangle with vertices lying on the circle.

Step 7:

Stencils for the right angle can serve as a school building or square, line, or even a piece of paper / cardboard. Put in any point of the circumference of the top of the right angle, make the mark in areas where the sides cross the boundary angle circumference, connect them. You have turned diameter - the hypotenuse.

Step 8:

In the same way find another diameter, place the intersection of two such segments, and will be the center of the circle.